Zero Point WW Snacks

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Here are 9 Zero Point WW Snacks with recipes for you to munch on in between meals!

zero point WW snacks

Similar to my two kids, I just love snacks. It’s definitely hard for me to wait until my next meal.

And since I am doing Weight Watchers (now called WW), I do my best to do zero point snacks to save my points for my bigger meals.

This list goes beyond the zero point fruits and beyond the vegetables! This list will contain recipes for delicious and satisfying snacks!

Here are some of my favorite zero point WW snacks!

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Zero Point WW Snacks

Zero Point Weight Watchers Ranch Dip

This recipe from Mama Cheaps is DELICIOUS. It’s perfect to pair with your favorite veggies like celery, carrots, and peppers. Or if you have some points to play with check out Good Thins! These are low in points and that great crunch you’re looking for when you’re avoiding chips.

Ranch Hummus

This ranch hummus from Emily Bites is just 2SP on the myWW Green plan and 0SP on myWW blue and purple! It’s so good, both of my kids eat it up!

Zero Point Salsa

I love this delicious zero point salsa from Recipe-Diaries! It’s 3SP on the myWW Green plan but a whopping ZERO points on myWW Blue and my WW Purple! It’s great with veggies or even as a topping on chicken breast!

Zucchini Chips

Okay, I just LOVE chips. I love the crunch, I love the smell of the freshly opened bag, and I can pretty much eat my weight in just a plain bag of chips. Enter these Zucchini Chips from Stockpiling Moms. SO GOOD and perfect for a dip to keep the whole snack ZERO points!

Buffalo Chicken Celery Bites

My husband will tell you my favorite ingredients for cooking are Frank’s Red Hot and Cheese.

He’s not wrong!

These buffalo chicken celery bites from Slender Kitchen are 0SP on myWW blue and purple and just 1SP for myWW green!

Cauliflower Poppers

What snack list is complete without the use of cauliflower! These cauliflower poppers straight from the Weight Watchers website are a versatile snack. I find that cauliflower really takes on whatever flavor you give it making it a great snack. It’s great to use with dips!


WW Cinnamon Apples

I have mentioned it, oh, a million times before but I just have a HARD time eliminating my sweet tooth. And while I am mostly low carb, I will take on carbs in fruit like apples. This perfect cinnamon apple recipe from Lose it Lyss hits the spot when I am craving sweets.

Jello Grapes

Grapes have been so so so good this year and this recipe from Pointed Kitchen for Jello Grapes is ZERO POINTS on the myWW blue, green, AND purple plans!

Blueberry Froyo Bark

This blueberry froyo bark from Keeping on Point such a wonderfully sweet snack for 0SP on myWW blue and green plans per serving and just 1SP on myWW Green!


What are your favorite zero point WW snacks?

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