Working Out With a Toddler

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It’s that magical time. Dinner is on, Bubs is occupied, and I can squeeze in a few planks.


So you would think.

How to plank at home while your toddler tries to sabotage your workout.
How to plank at home while your toddler tries to sabotage your workout.


I’ve been hitting the exercise hard lately.  I also purchased a Fitbit Flex and really love it! Participating in a fitness challenge has renewed my interest in losing weight.  I definitely gained a few pounds during vacation and I’d really love to be at my goal weight within a year. The challenge is lasting for four weeks and I am halfway through.  I find time to exercise by just walking around the office, doing squats in the bathroom, or creating a standing desk to get some standing push ups in.

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I’ve been thinking about starting Couch to 5k because I’m not a runner. Running seems like the easiest exercise with not actually having to have a gym.  It also seems like the hardest exercise because…it’s running!  I’ve never ran.  I mean, I’ve chased ice cream trucks but that’s the extent of my running.  Sometimes I think I should sign up for a 5k and train for it, but I do realize that running sucks and I have very little desire to run.  I want to, though.

I also would really like to join a Moms workout group.  They all happen during the week, and I don’t know if you know this, but…uh…PEOPLE WORK.  I really should look into starting my own Saturday morning Working Moms Workout Group in my area.  That’s a mouthful.

What are some of your favorite workouts and exercises? Share below!


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