Why The Fitness Planner Will Work For You

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The Fitness Planner is finally here! Here’s why The Fitness Planner will work for you and how you can achieve your fitness goals!

I’ve been so determined to bring an awesome, comprehensive and affordable fitness planner to my audience and I’m SO EXCITED that it’s finally here!

And it’s GORGEOUS! It’s feminine and I love that it’s not overly colorful so we don’t waste our ink at home!

There are so many reasons The Fitness Planner is right for you!

Why The Fitness Planner is Right for You!

Here’s why The Fitness Planner is right for you and how YOU can get your hands on a digital copy to start crushing goals NOW!

Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals will get you closer to achieving them.

That’s right!

When you write down your goals, you are reminding yourself what you are trying to achieve. You can store your goals in your mind, but the physical act of using pen and paper puts power behind that goal.

The Fitness Planner will help you set goals, give you opportunities to track and relish in your successes!

You Can Start NOW

The Fitness Planner is available as an Instant Digital Download. You can print at home or work instantly and start setting and achieving your goals right NOW. We all joke that all good diets start on a Monday – but there’s no better time to start than right this second while you’re thinking of it.

You can immediately set your meal plan for the week, start tracking your food and set a plan for exercise. You can take your BEFORE pictures today and set a goal for four weeks from now to take an updated photo.

And my favorite part? You can print as often as you need. It’s yours. Print at home for personal use only and start kicking those bad habits to the curb.

10 Comprehensive Pages to Help with Tracking and Success

The Fitness Planner has 10 amazing and comprehensive pages to help you with tracking and success. With The Fitness Planner, you’ll be able to plan your week out, set your goals and work towards achieving them!

The Fitness Planner pages are:

  • ➨Photo Transformation
  • ➨Weekly Measurements
  • ➨Habit Tracker
  • ➨Weekly Meal Planning with Grocery List
  • ➨Daily Diet and Fitness Tracker
  • ➨Weekly Diet and Exercise Planning Sheet
  • ➨Monthly Fitness Planning Calendar
  • ➨Blank 30 Day Challenge Sheet
  • ➨Fitness Goals
  • ➨Monthly Weight Loss Tracker

You Can Choose Between Two Options – A Third One is On the Way!

One thing I recognize is that we are all on a journey to be in the best shape and eat our best BUT we’re doing it in different ways!

There are TWO options available in the shop: Calorie Counting and WW Points Tracking.

I am personally on Weight Watchers and use the Points tracking system. I love doing the WW program because I never feel like I am missing out and I think it’s great for life changing habits!

COMING SOON: Macros version! For all my Keto ladies out there – the Macros version will be your key to success!

Ready to crush all of your fitness goals? Get The Fitness Planner NOW!

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