When Does Sleep Happen?

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Let me start by saying, we have tried it all and I have zero interest in advice.  Every time someone gives me advice it ends in me just staring blankly at them because the person truly believes I have never heard of such a wonderful thing that worked for their kid.  I am glad you’re sleeping, but you’re not helping me.

I just want to complain.

My 13 month old is still not sleeping.  He wakes on average 3 times a night.

We have tried everything.  I have read 5 books, and nothing works for Bubs.  We bed share (save your comments for someone else) and it’s the only thing that has helped him sleep for at least 5 hours straight a night without waking.  I know he’s been a little sick lately, but I haven’t slept in well over a year. Thinking about another baby just means less sleep.  How do parents function?!?!

Coffee only does so much, let’s be honest with each other.  It’s not a cure all unless you drink it all freaking day and then you can’t sleep at night (which is when the angels sing and the heavens part and your child sleeps a solid 8+ hours before waking.)

Speaking with other parents, most aren’t sleeping.  That’s comforting.  Knowing we’re all just exhausted and faking this awake business.  I know I wake throughout the night, so why wouldn’t my son?  It’s rare that I sleep more than six hours without waking, even if Bubs doesn’t wake me.

I know I should try to put Bubs back in his crib soon, but if I want to sleep at all (and I do) he stays with me.  Or maybe he’d surprise me and sleep all night undisturbed.  His naps have been much better lately at day care by himself.

I’d really like a nap.

5 thoughts on “When Does Sleep Happen?”

  1. Hey lady! Let me just say I feel your pain! My now 2.5 year old was the worst sleeper until he turned 2. He sleeps a lot better now but we also have a 7.5 month old. So still no sleep for us

  2. Yes. haha Whenever I just need to complain to let off a little steam I’m flooded with advice. No no, didn’t want that, just needed to whine for a second.
    I want one of those matching shirt sets for Me and mine that says something to the effect of “No, my mom doesn’t need your parenting advice. “

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