What’s wrong with these shoes?

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This could be a new mom problem, though I’ve been at this about a year. Everyone talks about how your body changes – your hips are bigger, your breasts won’t ever be the same, and learn to love that pooch you’ve developed.  But seriously, my shoes don’t fit?

My feet are at least a half a size bigger, if not more.  Or these damn shoes shrunk.  Yes.  That’s it.  They shrunk.  Elves came into my apartment and shrunk all of my shoes. Even the new ones I purchased at my old size 7.  I know I’ve gained weight, but I have also lost 20lbs and I am 10lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight.  

I wanted needed new shoes for my new job that I’ve been at for about four weeks now.  My shoes were old, and it’s spring time so a refresh is in order.  I didn’t spend a lot of money and caught a sale at Payless and ordered two sets of flats – one black scrunchy and one nude and pointy.  There’s always a growing pain with new shoes, so I packed band-aids for my poor heels.  I’ve been trying for weeks to get these bad boys to stretch, and today I sit here with my socks on and the space heater on full blast (a tip I found on Pinterest.)




Serious high fashion mom over here. Beauty is pain, or something.  Next time, I’ll just go to the store and try them on with all that free time I have.  Or be smart and exchange them for the correct size.  Or hope no one notices my blister-foot-waddle. 


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  1. It’s terrible but true. I started a size 6 nineteen years ago and now am a 7 1/2. Even with the sixteen year break between babies, my feet never shrink back to size.

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