What’s Up Wednesday – September

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What's Up Wednesday

Is it seriously already September?

Where did the summer go? Where did the year go?

I can’t believe how fast life actually goes.  This month whizzed by. I’m super excited for fall – yes, I have a little basic bitch inside of me. I’m excited to wear leggings and drink lattes. I’m excited for Halloween and the rest of the fun holidays.  I’ll be decorating soon enough for it. I guess I’m not so basic there, more never-have-enough-time-mom-like.

Favorites Of September

Weather: The humidity finally left. The DC humidity is just gross and doesn’t do my skin or hair any justice.  We’ve been cooling off a lot this week so I really feel like fall is here.

Fall weather means fall clothes, too!  Who doesn’t love fall fashion! And fall berry colored liptstick.  Seriously, it’s time to shine.

Football: Can I talk football for a second? I know we’re just at the start of the season, but my Philadelphia Eagles are playing so well.  It’s been exciting so far with rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. We have a bright future.

And yes, I call them my team.  I’m well aware I don’t own them and their success has nothing to do with me.  I think only sports fans truly understand this!

Toddler Bed: We are attempting the toddler bed! So far, not so good.  He just doesn’t sleep anywhere.

Weaning: I don’t like calling this a favorite because I’m pretty sad over it, but we’ve weaned and it’s gone pretty well.  We have a few hiccups, but I try my best to avoid nursing situations. We nursed for almost 18 months, but we didn’t one day and I decided that we were stopping.  You can read more about my weaning process here.

I’ve felt a little engorged and had to take a Motrin because of the pain.  I keep checking for clogs because I don’t want our nursing journey to end on a sour note for me.

Could Do Without

Allergies: Both Ri and I are dealing with allergies. We’re sneezing, red eyed, adorable messes.  I’ve been taking some over the counter allergy medicine and it is working. I’m just in a fog all of the time.

The sickness is also killing our sleep.  Ri has been the worst sleeper as of late, as if it could get any worse. Between a new bed, being sick, and weaning, I might never sleep again. Ever.

Stitch Fix: I tried.  I tried again.  I got one good piece and the rest were meh.  I don’t know if the stylists they have now are just not good enough, but this isn’t working out for me anymore.  I’ll be ending my subscription unfortunately.

Favorite Recipe

This is actually an oldie but a goodie for me.  With football season here, this is on our menu often!

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip

I make a few edits. First, no Ranch dressing.  All blue cheese dressing for this gal.  I grew up with wings and blue cheese and won’t switch to ranch even if Virginia says I should! Second, I turn these into sandwiches using buns.  They make a great sandwich and are excellent for leftovers.  I just scoop out some chicken dip, heat it up, and I am good.

It’s really easy to make and you should definitely try it at your next party.

Weight Loss Journey

With my Achilles injury, exercise has stalled.  I’m finally in a place where I can walk pretty well, but I am taking it easy and doing my stretches. I will be participating in another fitness challenge starting on Monday and I’m looking forward to getting back in the exercise game.

Diet is getting better.  I’ve successfully avoided additional sugar in my coffee for nearly a week and don’t seem to miss it.  There have been plenty of opportunities to eat baked goods at work, but I have avoided most of those situations.  Most.  I still have some work to do there. If the office could supply more fruit, maybe this wouldn’t be such a problem for me!

Blog Update

I’ve taken (and continue to reference) Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth course.  I’m really glad I did!  My blog has grown a lot this month and I’m really excited to continue to get it to the next level.

I am still working on my Facebook page.  Please like me!  I don’t know why I get nervous about posting on Facebook.  I just need to let it flow and reach my audience.

Something no one tells you when you start to blog is that it can be a full time job between writing, promoting, and making your blog better.  I am constantly thinking about the things I need to learn and should be doing.  There are only so many hours in the day, so I am just trying to learn as much as I can without cutting into anything else.

October will bring some fun things for us.  We’ll be heading home at some point soon for a short weekend visit as well as heading to our local farm for some pumpkin and apple picking.


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