What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag for a Scheduled C-Section

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Having a baby is an exciting time but a c-section can be daunting. Here’s what to pack in your hospital bag for a scheduled c-section PLUS a free printable checklist!

what to pack in your hospital bag for a scheduled c-section

If you’re having a scheduled C-Section you will still need to pack your hospital bag before you head in.

I have two babies and I’ve had two C-Sections – one after a stalled and failed labor and my second was a scheduled C-Section.

Of the two, my scheduled C-Section was easier and better for me mentally during the recovery. Having been through a 24 hour labor that ended in surgery was a very difficult recovery for me. Now that I had a toddler, I needed to give myself and my family a chance at having a present mom. The scheduled C-Section was a great decision and a birth I am proud of.


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag for a Scheduled C-Section

Hospital Bag Essentials for Every Mom

This post contains affiliate links.

These are items you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag whether you’re going in for a C-Section or rushing out the door if your water has broken at home.

  • Mom’s ID, insurance card, and name/number of baby’s pediatrician. Check with your doctor if there will be a need to bring any additional documents.
  • Toiletries not provided by the hospital or if you prefer to bring your own. For me, a few days without my regular toothbrush wasn’t too big of a deal but I absolutely brought my own brush, makeup (the second time around I did!), hair ties, deodorant. Hospitals typically provide shampoo, soap, and lotion so check with your hospital first and make the decision on what you’d like to have.
  • Clothes for baby. For our daughter, we were able to dress her immediately in clothes that ended up being way too big.
  • Infant car seat. This is a MUST HAVE for all new parents to leave the hospital.
  • Cell phone + charger. Duh. You weren’t leaving home without it, right?
  • Camera, if you’re not using your cell phone for photos.
  • Comfy clothes. For C-Section moms, I go into this in more detail below, but don’t break out those jeans you were wearing 9 months ago. Stay in your stretchy clothes you were wearing yesterday.
  • Slippers or Socks with Non Slip Soles. Something on your feet is an absolute MUST in a hospital. You’ll be up and walking around to help start the recovery process. Make sure your feet are covered. Your hospital may provide socks but feel free to pack your own.

C-Section Essentials for Your Hospital Bag

These items are specific to C-Section Mamas and I highly recommend each one to help you through recovery.

  • High Waist Underwear that doesn’t press your incision. I preferred underwear that came up to my belly button like these. Soft, cottony and won’t press into your incision. Buy for the size you are now! Your tummy will not be flat when you leave the hospital. You’ll look about 5-6 months along. The hospital’s mesh underwear is also perfect to use. Grab a bunch of those before you head home!
  • Compression Belt or Belly Binder. I have written about these before and used a belly binder more often after my second c-section. Check with your hospital first if they provide belly binders/compression belts. If not, check this one out on Prime.
  • Loose clothing. I would pack your most comfortable outfit you have been wearing. For both of my pregnancies (early spring and middle of fall), I opted to go with a super comfy maxi skirt with loose t-shirt to wear home. In the hospital due to all of the wires and need to get in and out of bed, I opted to stay in the hospital gown but use an open cardigan if needed. Doctors and nurses will be checking on your incision often post birth – you won’t be putting pants on any time soon so leave those bad boys at home in the drawer.
  • Stool softener. This should also be provided by the hospital during your stay but pack a bottle just in case. It’ll be useful at home too.

Make sure to check out my ultimate C-Section Recovery Must Haves to help you prepare NOW for your recovery at home.

Pack for Birthing Partner

Don’t forget about your birthing partner! Make sure he or she has an extra set of clothes, toiletries, pillow, and whatever else they may need to be comfy during the hospital stay.

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What was something in your hospital bag you felt like you didn’t end up using?


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