What I Really Want For Mother’s Day

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My inbox is full of spam, er, promotional emails about picture frames, personalized items, flowers, jewelry, and chocolates to get for Mom. Awesome, wow.

All really great items but maybe not exactly what Mom wants.

I’ve been doing this mom thing for two years now. I love my son but there are a few things I really want that can’t be purchased or hand crafted by my toddler.

If you’re looking for a gift guide with cute crafts, this isn’t it. These things can’t be bought in a store and you’ll never get a promotional email for anything on this list either.

Here’s what I really want for Mother’s Day.


I’m exhausted 100% of the time. Between working full time, blogging and going home and jumping into the mom role, there’s no time for a nap. On weekends, I’m the first one up with my son who’s a ball of energy at 5am. Oh, yes that’s our wakeup time.


Where is our sleep?

Isn’t there someone else around to wake up with the kids? Can someone handle the 5am wakeup so I can sleep until 7am guilt free?

Guilt free is a huge part of taking time to ourselves. Let us sleep.

An Uninterrupted Shower

Is this one really that hard?

Why are my showers constantly interrupted by a tiny hand knocking at the door or my husband barging in yelling about some nonsense I do not care about at that moment?

One time I was in the shower and the apartment below us was on fire. Mom’s shower once again got interrupted but a fire is a legit excuse.

Telling me what fun this our toddler just did is not.

Unless there’s a fire, let me shower in peace. I don’t even take that long. Maybe even put in for a nice warm bath on Mother’s Day. Alone. In peace. Quiet. Relaxing music.

If I could get this one daily I’d be really happy. Give mom a year’s worth of uninterrupted showers. Hell, even a week.

For You To Bother Your Father

Why do I have to open the lid for you? Is your father’s hand broken? Ask him. You can ask me to help you tomorrow, but for today, ask him. He’s also able to reach everything and then some. You don’t need me today.

Time for Self Care

In addition to an uninterrupted shower, can I just get some time to do something for myself? Moms often times just do for others which leaves little to no time to do anything for themselves.

I don’t get to participate in my hobbies as often because of everything I have to do.

And the guilt of taking time for myself eats me up so I just avoid it.

Give mom some time to do something she wants to do. And don’t interrupt her for anything. Not to cook dinner, to ask where something is, or to answer any questions. If you’re a partner reading this, don’t tell her you’ll be stressed or that you don’t want to help out with the kids.

Do it without an eye roll or a million questions.

Let her go to the mall and shop. Or sleep. Or maybe read a book she’s been wanting to read for so long. Even catch up on a TV show she falls asleep during because she’s exhausted.

She takes care of you. She needs to take care of herself, too.

Paid Maternity Leave

I don’t think I need to go into this further. Dads should be included in this one and moms surely want that too.

This would be an incredible gift to families in the United States. We deserve time to care for our bodies and our new babies. So many men and women are forced to head back into work long before they physically and mentally can.

We have to start taking care of families.


My list of things what I really what for Mother’s Day is pretty short but I can’t think of anything else I’d really want.

Okay, I do want homemade crafts and chocolate, but I very much want a nap and an afternoon of freedom.

We can’t pour from empty glasses, ladies.

What are some things you really want for Mother’s Day? 

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17 thoughts on “What I Really Want For Mother’s Day”

  1. Love it! I have the gift of time on my mother’s day list. hopefully I will get time to sleep, shower and do something just for me. Well said!!

  2. YES! Sleep and time for self care – it is so hard to find time for either of those things with littles running around. I told my hubby that I really just wanted to spend the day by myself… LOL

  3. Yes!!! Sleep is number 1 and 2 on my list for sure. I would also love if they would ask Dad for just something every once in awhile. Especially help in the bathroom 😉

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