What My Husband Really Wants For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is around the corner so I’m already trying to one-up my husband and figure out what to do for him. Trying to figure out what my husband really wants for Father’s Day is usually pretty easy for me. I’ve never asked him what he wanted but I know I can’t go wrong with some gear from his favorite baseball team or a history book he’d love to read.

With my “What I Really Want For Mother’s Day” blog post, I decided to just ask my husband for an honest answer to the question “What do you really want for Father’s Day?”

Apparently it wasn’t new gear.

And I was surprised by his answer and my reaction.

What My Husband Really Wants For Father’s Day

“For the first time in his life he might be able to do some dad-son type things, like fish or go to a baseball game. I don’t want mom excluded, but I’m excited for those type of things.”


I asked for an afternoon off (or an uninterrupted shower…) for Mother’s Day and he just wants to hang out with our two year old.

So the mom guilt starts because I want alone time and I begin to think I never should have even asked this question.

But then again, maybe it’s a little eye opening. I mean, he does spend time with Ri every single day without me but it’s not doing those “fatherly” type things like going to the park and tossing a baseball. It’s getting home and entertaining Ri or hoping the toddler stays in one spot so he can start dinner.

Did I mention 99% of the time my husband is cooking dinner? His schedule (plus not wanting to eat burned food every night) is better suited for getting dinner out on the table at a reasonable hour.

Do we not do a lot of stereotypical “father” activities as a family? Not particularly. Some weekends are more errands oriented and others are reserved for relaxing.

What I’m Doing Differently This Father’s Day

Since finding out what my husband really does want for Father’s Day, I’ve decided to throw away any ideas I had previously.

Here are three things I’ll be doing differently this Father’s Day.

  • Plan a day around his interests. This one is easy for me. He loves baseball, museums, and history. While our two year old is still a little young to play catch, he does have a T-ball set and I bet my husband would love to take him to the park to play ball instead of just tossing the ball around inside. We could go to a baseball game or plan a day at one of our local history museums.
  • Get creative. I never took my husband for being one of those people who enjoy kids crafts. He’s all about it, though. We make mama crafts for Mother’s Day, why not make some crafts for Dad? My ideas for a Father’s Day craft include a handmade and hand painted tie or creating “DAD” in tape and having Ri paint around so when the letters are removed it’ll be awesome to display in his office at work!
  • Give him some hobby time. Does your husband have a hobby he barely gets to do? I know mine has one or thirty-five he barely gets to work on between school, a full time job, and parenting. This can definitely be done as a family or give him some time off!

I’m also going to get him something to unwrap too. It just doesn’t feel right to me to not have a gift for him. He works so hard year round for us and I want him to feel appreciated.

Do you have any special Father’s Day plans for your husbands? 

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