Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #9

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Here’s my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #9! A week of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas while you’re on the WW Program. Includes SmartPoints!

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #9

Last week I completely went over my points and didn’t lose or gain so I’m calling that a win! This week I’ve gotta get back into it because spring is coming…and that means summer is coming…and that means I need to work harder to hit my goals.

Plus the Tough Mudder is just 3 months away!

That’s just the beauty of the WW plan. You CAN make live and eat outside your allotted points and not screw all of your hard work up. And every day is a new day with a new set of points and a new

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Here’s my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #9 – a whole week of breakfast, lunch and dinners!

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #9

Here’s the meal plan on Weight Watchers that the whole family can enjoy.

WW Breakfast Meal Plan

I’ve been getting into a breakfast rut and skipping it completely which is so so bad. This week I’m making a real plan and sticking to it for breakfast because I think that’s definitely part of the reason I went over on my points last week!

Here’s my WW Breakfast Meal Plan for the week:

  • Eggs and Frozen Hash Brown – 2 SmartPoints
  • Oatmeal and strawberries and banana – 5 SmartPoints per cup of oatmeal
  • Fat Free Greek Yogurt + Fruit – 0 SmartPoints

WW Lunch Meal Plan

Lunch is typically leftovers if it’s low in points or I can turn it into a salad. I keep a bag of frozen salmon ready to go because for 0 SmartPoints there’s no reason NOT to eat more fish. I just sear it off in the pan and make a vegetable with it. Typically I do this on days where my dinner requires a decent amount of points, like spaghetti night.

Here’s the WW Lunch Meal Plan for the week:

  • Leftovers from Dinner
  • Salmon and Broccoli or Corn – 0 SmartPoints
  • Chicken Salad in a Wheat Wrap – 5 SmartPoints
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette + Chicken Breast + Salad Mix – 2 SmartPoints (per 2tbsp low fat Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressing)

WW Dinner Meal Plan

It’s important for us to make a few dinners a week that will give my husband leftovers for the next day. I like leftovers for the next day if I can turn it into a salad or it’s a really low point meal.

Having a picky eater means carb heavy foods most times so I do my best to either turn the meal into a salad, eat less but add veggies to my plate OR in reality I am a short order cook just to get him to eat anything but also eat what I want. Sorrynotsorry.

We also still didn’t pick up a Crock Pot which if you read my WW Meal Plan from last week you’ll know we had to have a memorial service for it after it broke so any meals typically made in the Crock Pot will be made on the stove or oven. Or maybe I’ll break out the Instant Pot.

Pro Tip: When you’ve got a high point meal in front of you start with a salad to help fill up before you dive right into your plate of spaghetti.

Here’s the WW Dinner Meal Plan for the week:

Are you on WW? What are you favorite low point meals? If you’ve been thinking about joining WW check it out using my referral link HERE!


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