weight watchers weekly meal plan #8

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #8

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Here’s my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #8 – another week of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas to satiate your appetite and stay within your points. SmartPoints included!

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #8

I’ve been so so so happy with my results on WW lately. Between doing my BBG/Sweat workouts and doing a really great job with eating, I’ve seen big results and I’m feeling excited for the future.

In February, I dropped close to 4lbs bringing my overall total since December to 11.5lbs. I do measurements in about 2 weeks to coincide with my BBG check-in and I am hopeful for a good check-in.

Even my husband said “I think your neck is getting skinny!” No seriously, of all the body parts, my neck starts to lose weight first. Go figure.

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Here is my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #8!

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #8

Before I get into it, I’d like to say a word about my dear ol’ Crock Pot that has recently gone to Crock Pot Heaven. We have been having delicious meals in our Crock Pot lately and it’s been very good to us. About a week ago we discovered a large crack in the pot.

Devastated doesn’t even cover it.

I looked into fixes but we ultimately came to the decision to get rid of the old girl and our lives haven’t been the same. Also, I need a new Crock Pot STAT.

Okay, now here’s the WW Meal Plan for the week!

WW Breakfast Meal Plan

My morning go-to is a frozen hash brown prepared without any fat and 2 over easy eggs. It’s 2 SmartPoints and so so comforting to me.

I’ve also been using the leftover veggies or mushrooms from dinner lately for a 0 point egg scramble.

WW Lunch Meal Plan

One of my go-to lunches lately is frozen salmon and frozen broccoli. It’s super easy to prepare. I let the salmon start to thaw when I make breakfast and by lunch time it’s ready to go.

Frozen has been my way of life lately. I need easy and I need healthy. We also have a bag of frozen shrimp ready to go as well when needed.

Beyond leftovers, here’s the plan for lunch for this week:

WW Dinner Meal Plan

This mom has a confession. I way overbought chicken breast this week. Like. We’re eating chicken breast in most meals this week because for some reason I bought two of the biiiiiig packs of chicken.

I mean, yay 0 point foods, but my husband says “We can eat it every night as long as it doesn’t taste like chicken.” Challenge accepted? Okay, here it goes

WW Snacks

I discovered WW Freestyle Hummus last week and my life is forever changed. I loved hummus before but really stopped eating it so much. That article has the 0 SmartPoints version and a 2 SmartPoints version. I’ve made the 2 Points version and it’s a great snack with some veggies or salty pretzel sticks.

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Are you on WW? What are your go-to snacks?

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