Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #2 With Smart Points

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Here’s my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #2 for my second week on WW! Includes links to delicious recipes and Smart Point values.

Weight Watchers Meal Plan Week 2

Happy Meal Plan Monday!

Happy to report I’m down 3lbs total in 2 weeks even after making some Christmas sugar cookies last week. I tracked everrrrrrything. My exercise wasn’t my best showing but it’s the holiday season and hopefully wrapping a Target store load of presents got me some FitPoints.

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Why Meal Plan?

I love to plan our meals out. It’s beneficial to me to have some meals pre-made that I can just grab and go and it absolutely helps out our wallet. We stick to a list and don’t buy things we may not eat. Everything that comes through the door is eaten.

I personally like to plan my days out as much as I can to prevent unnecessary snacking. It’s really beneficial to me to write down exactly what I am going to eat so I can do my best to stick to it. Of course life happens and I might want to switch things up or we go out, but as long as I do my best to stick to my weekly meal plan I’ll lose the weight.

Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #2 

For my weekly Weight Watchers meal plan, I’ll let you know what I am planning on for the week as well as their points. Mix and match for your own menu and I’d love to hear your favorite recipes!

Breakfast Options

Breakfast is usually pretty simple for me and super easy. I like making a batch of hard boiled eggs because sometimes it’s a bit crazy in the mornings around here. I like knowing I can at least grab 2 hard boiled eggs from the fridge and continue to put out the fires or just keep my kids separated from creating fires.

Here are my Weight Watchers Breakfast options for the week:

Lunch Options

Lunch is another meal that I like to make ahead as much as I can and just grab. As a short order cook of a picky 3 year old and a one year old who will eat pretty much anything by the time I am making my own food they’re both finished and waiting for me to start playing again.

I like making chicken salad ahead of time and last week added an egg salad option too using the same recipe.

I keep a few SmartOnes in the freezer for boredom and just to switch things up if the leftovers from the night before or my pre-made lunches aren’t what I want.

Here are my favorite Weight Watchers Lunch options for this week.

Dinner Options

We try to mix it up for dinner every week but we have our staple tacos because it’s the one thing everyone will gladly eat. Any meal I don’t have to fight over is a staple! We get leftovers that my husband and I both turn into Taco Salad for the next day for lunch.

Our dinners are always carb loaded to fulfill our need for lunch leftovers for my husband and to potentially get my son to actually eat his dinner. It’s a work in progress but planning typically helps and sticking to my portion sizes.

Lately we’ve been doing a “Fend for yourself” dinner too. Some weeks we just have a fridge full of leftovers and we’ll reheat to clear up some room. We’ll be traveling this week for the holiday so we’ve got to do our best to leave nothing before we go!

I try my best throughout my day to leave as many points for dinner as I can. Here’s the plan for the week:

Snack Options

It’s the week before Christmas so my snack options are basically me trying to stay too full to have a sweet cookie. I’ve been eating a lot of Honeycrisp apples and bananas to satisfy my sweet tooth. Removing sugar (even from my coffee) cold turkey hasn’t been the most fun but fruit does the trick typically and helps me avoid a headache. I also like eating cheese, nuts and turkey lunch meat as a snack.

Looking for more ideas? Check out my previous Weekly Weight Watchers Meal Plan #1 with Smart Points!

Have you done Weight Watchers? What are some yummy food ideas you love?

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