Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #11

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Here’s my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #11! Get ready for a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack/dessert ideas! Includes SmartPoints!

weight watchers weekly meal plan #11

After getting back on the horse last week and getting back into posting my meal plans I am happy to report that I am officially down 16 lbs since joining WW and 34lbs overall. Go me!

I love progress. Progress is one of my biggest motivators. I’m not going to hit my August goal that I set awhile ago, and that’s okay. Because progress is progress and the scale is moving in the right direction.

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Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan #11

WW Breakfast Meal Plan

I haven’t gotten sick of eggs yet, shockingly, so I’m keeping them in the rotation. I love adding my frozen salmon that I mentioned in last week’s plan. You know when you found something good and just keep eating it? That’s what I have going on right now with my salmon and eggs.

Here’s my WW Breakfast plan for the week:

  • Eggs and Salmon (from frozen) – 0 SmartPoints
  • Oatmeal and strawberries and banana – 5 SmartPoints per cup of oatmeal
  • Fat Free Greek Yogurt + Fruit – 0 SmartPoints

WW Lunch Meal Plan

My WW lunches usually consist of leftovers from the night before or something super quick because I stay at home with both kids plus handle my blog.

Here’s my WW Lunch Meal Plan for the week:

  • Leftovers from Dinner
  • Tilapia and Broccoli with Lemon Butter – 5 SmartPoints (I only make 1 tbsp of butter when serving just myself!)
  • Tumaro’s Wrap with 1tbsp of Mayo, Chicken Breast, Tomato, Onion, 1 slice Cheese – 8 SmartPoints

WW Dinner Meal Plan

Ah, dinner. The bane of a mother’s existence. Having to figure out dinner for everyone that’s also healthy enough for me can be a bit of a challenge. And honestly, sometimes we just have to make two dinners – one for the adults and sometimes my daughter and one that’s completely kid friendly. Or they’ll eat leftovers!

WW Tip: WEIGH YOUR FOOD ALWAYS. Seriously. You get more bang for your buck when you weigh what you eat!

Here’s my WW Dinner Meal Plan for the week:


I’ve gotten away from eating apples every day (don’t tell my doctor ba dum sh!) but I can’t break my sweet tooth!

I have been devouring strawberries and 2 tbsp worth of homemade whipped cream sweetened with Sweet N Low for just 2 SmartPoints. Another sweet dessert I found was Breyer’s Low Carb Peanut Butter ice cream. Well. Frozen dairy dessert. A half of a cup is 3 SmartPoints!

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Are you on Weight Watchers? What are some of your favorite desserts?

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