Weight Watchers Meal Plan Week #3

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Are you on WW? Check out my Weight Watchers meal plan Week #3 for all the things I’m eating this week!  

Happy New Year!

I basically stopped tracking over the holiday but with the New Year I’m jumping right back in, tracking and hitting the gym. I’m a total believer that something as simple as the calendar flip can be a positive influence on you!

This will be a short week and I’ll be back at it with a full week’s worth of food next week.

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Weight Watchers Meal Plan Week #3


Breakfast is always easy for me because of my kids. I’ve gotta be quick and typically reach for eggs and hot sauce to start my day off with zero points.O


For our lunches we try to eat any leftovers with a little wiggle room. I love to make this chicken salad but this week I’m making my favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip. It keeps well in the fridge for 3 days and is perfect for dipping veggies in.

Here are my lunch ideas for WW this week:


Dinner is where we shine and get our leftovers for the next day! I try to look for things that my kids will eat and my husband will call filling. We like comfort foods and trying to get back into diet mode after 10 days of cookies and rich foods is going to be a challenge!

Here’s my dinner plan for the rest of the week:

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Are you doing WW? What are some of your favorite recipes to eat while on the program?

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