Weight Loss Check In (September 9)

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Weekly Weight Loss Check In - Spit Up and Sit Ups - Beginning a new workout for a new mom

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It’s been almost two weeks since I posted I was back on the fitness train. You can read all about it here.

Losing weight as a mom is tough! Finding the time to work, take care of the family, spend time with your loved ones, take time for yourself and exercise is a workout. Seriously, I don’t have enough time for everything!

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Weight Loss So Far


My overall journey began in November of 2015.  I had just turned 30 and was seven months postpartum.  I joined Weight Watchers and had some success.  In January of 2016 I discovered Whole30 and it really transformed the way I eat.  I love Whole30!  It was helpful that I had been trying to eat well immediately before.  I loved finding new recipes and trying new foods.

Exercise has been slow going the entire time.  I can get my food on track, but for some reason I can’t seem to find the time in my head or in life to get a workout in.  I’ve started to space out exercising throughout the day at work which has been really helpful.

I do take my lunch walks, but I really haven’t been focusing on fitness.  Overall I have lost thirty pounds just by eating better and moving more.

Have I made changes? Yes. Can I do better? Absolutely.

I really want to make this a weekly Check-In to discuss all kinds of progress and things related to my weight loss journey.

Here are the things I want to discuss:

  1. Wins
  2. Losses
  3. Progress
  4. Goals for the next week


I’ve been participating in a four week long fitness challenge with online friends and we are just wrapping up Week Three.  I love these challenges.  They really hold me accountable and I learn new exercises each week that do not require a machine or a gym.  I love that.

This was my favorite exercise from the past week – squatting tricep lifts.  You can easily do this at work or at home. The video says to use a towel, but at work I used the sweater I always keep at my desk for when I get cold.

I truly love any move I can do throughout the day at work.  Here’s a little more on how you can get a small workout in throughout the day at work.

On Labor Day, we went to Potomac Park and I took a 90 minute walk trying to get Orion to go to sleep in the stroller.

News Flash: No Sleep for Orion until I wrapped him during the last 20 minutes of my walk.

It was a great walk.  It was hot, but there was a great breeze coming off the river and the channel. I ended with over 7 miles for the entire day, which is a record for me so far in owning a FitBit!

I have gone on my lunch walks five times since I last posted, which is a start.  I need to get out there more.  For various work reasons and one sick day for Orion that I had to work from home, I wasn’t able to get out there all days.


I still haven’t signed up for the dungeon gym at work.  Need to hop on that so I can still get my lunch walk in during the winter without having to leave the building!

Thus, I still haven’t started Couch to 5K.

Huge loss.

I hate not starting things when I say I am going to!

I’ll start this weekend. Promise.

Food hasn’t been the best either. I may do a Whole30 which will help me get back on track quickly.  I find a Whole30 challenging, but in a really good way.  I can always find something to eat and never feel like I am on some wacky fad diet.

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Since I’ve just re-started my weight loss, I haven’t checked in with the scale or with measuring tape.

I have lost 30 pounds since last November, which is great.  But progress has stalled. Maybe it’s summer. Maybe it’s the new job. Maybe it’s just life. Progress has stalled even with participating in a fitness challenge and I need to fix that.

It’s definitely a good time to begin developing new habits.  I’ll eat every cookie not nailed down at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but if I start creating new better habits now I might avoid eating all the cookies.

Goals For The Next Week

  1. Start Couch to 5K: NO EXCUSES.
  2. Three lunch walks
  3. Make all of my lunches at home
  4. Pack healthy snacks for work to avoid eating whatever baked good is in the kitchen

Four achievable goals. Not “Lose x lbs.” Not “Workout 5 days for One hour a day.” Small, achievable goals that will lay the foundation for bigger goals.

I really need to focus and get the job done!

Share your fitness goals for the week below!


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