Weight Loss Check-In (October 7th)

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Weekly Weight Loss Check In - Spit Up and Sit Ups - Beginning a new workout for a new momIt’s that magical time!

I use this weekly check-in to update you on how I am doing in my weight loss journey.

I am finding that I am updating every two weeks at this point. It seems like this is working for me so I will probably keep with that for now.

Journey So Far


My overall journey began in November of 2015.  I had just turned 30 and was seven months postpartum.  I joined Weight Watchers and had some success.  In January of 2016 I discovered Whole30 and it really transformed the way I eat.  I love Whole30!  It was helpful that I had been trying to eat well immediately before.  I loved finding new recipes and trying new foods.

Exercise has been slow going the entire time.  I can get my food on track, but for some reason I can’t seem to find the time in my head or in life to get a workout in.  I’ve started to space out exercising throughout the day at work which has been really helpful.

I do take my lunch walks, but I really haven’t been focusing on fitness.  Overall I have lost thirty-two pounds just by eating better and moving more.

Have I made changes? Yes. Can I do better? Absolutely.

Here are the things I want to discuss:

  1. Wins
  2. Losses
  3. Progress
  4. Goals for the next week



Can you join me in cheering?

Boy, that scale didn’t budge for awhile. It was my own fault. But it finally moved and moved in the right direction. I felt a bit of relief.

I started in another fitness challenge with my moms group on Facebook. I’m team leader of a team so I feel it’s important that I give it my best.  It’s so much fun and motivating to be in a group challenge.

The fitness challenges are four weeks long and group challenges which is great for motivation. In this challenge, I’m with four other women and we’re earning points by counting our fitness minutes, miles, and tracking reps on fitness moves chosen by the Challenge’s leader. I have fun doing these challenges and get really motivated to do better every day.

My ankle is feeling great. I have been doing my Achilles stretches daily and I think that’s been really helpful in being able to keep up.  I’m currently only walking, but I joined our gym at work and will start going there during lunch when it’s too cold out for a walk.


Food hasn’t been the best. Why do I love cookies so much? I’ve eliminated sugar from my morning coffee, but I haven’t eliminated bad snacks from my work day. I need to work better on this.  Yes, I still lost weight since my last check-in, but I don’t want to eat so much crap.

Free Pass


With my ankle feeling much better thanks to time and my stretches, I am ready to finally begin Couch to 5k.


You’ve been waiting, haven’t you?

With joining the gym at work, I will try to sneak in at least two Couch to 5k days at work as well as one weekend day.

As mentioned before, I also lost two pounds since my last check-in. I’m so thrilled the scale finally moved.

Goals For The Next Two Weeks

Get better with food. I need to go back to planning every little morsel that passes my lips. That’s really what works for me, so I need to start meal planning.

Keep on working out!  I’ve been hovering at a little more than five miles in a day, and I want to push myself to get that to six miles.

What are your fitness and weight loss goals for the week?


9 thoughts on “Weight Loss Check-In (October 7th)”

  1. Congrats! I hit my pre baby weight a few months after my son was born but I’ve only been able to lose a few lbs more than that. My goal is to be down 14 lbs by the end of the year!

      1. We used to eat really clean and healthy but we’ve fallen into a rut of eating out again and bringing junk into the house. Recently I’ve cut out the diet soda, stopped buying u healthy snacks for home, and we’ve stopped eating out. So I’m hoping that starts to show some improvement.
        I started getting back into yoga and want to start a lifting regimen but I’m having a lot of shoulder abd arm discomfort so well see what the orthopedic surgeon says on Monday. Fingers crossed its just a pulled muscle and nothing more serious!

  2. Just ran across your blog today and have really enjoyed it! Can I just tell you how much I love that you are being accountable with your weight loss online?! I need some of that courage and accountability and I might have to start one on my own blog to keep myself on track! Do you found it’s helped you stay motivated in your weight loss? Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups

      The biggest way to keep accountable is to have a blog with “Sit Ups” in the name! LOL!

      I love sharing my journey. I’m not perfect but I am working hard on it!


  3. You are doing awesome! I read the whole 30 book and LOVED it but since I don’t eat meat following the plan is too tough for me with my busy schedule. But I have tried my best to cut out added sugars and it made a huge difference in how I feel. (and I lost 10 pounds by changing ONLY that.. crazy!) Getting rid of my sweet cream coffee creamer was the toughest change for me, so kudos for doing that, I know it is a hard one!

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