Weight Loss Check In (October 21)

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I use this weekly check-in to update you on how I am doing in my weight loss journey.

I am finding that I am updating every two weeks at this point. It seems like this is working for me so I will probably keep with that for now.

Journey So Far


My overall journey began in November of 2015.  I had just turned 30 and was seven months postpartum.  I joined Weight Watchers and had some success.  In January of 2016 I discovered Whole30 and it really transformed the way I eat.  I love Whole30!  It was helpful that I had been trying to eat well immediately before.  I loved finding new recipes and trying new foods.

Exercise has been slow going the entire time.  I can get my food on track, but for some reason I can’t seem to find the time in my head or in life to get a workout in.  I’ve started to space out exercising throughout the day at work which has been really helpful.

I do take my lunch walks, but I really haven’t been focusing on fitness.  Overall I have lost thirty-three pounds just by eating better and moving more.

Have I made changes? Yes. Can I do better? Absolutely.

Here are the things I want to discuss:

  1. Wins
  2. Losses
  3. Progress
  4. Goals for the next week


Down one pound over the last two weeks, but I’m not entirely happy about that.  I haven’t been eating well, but I’ve been exercising my face off.  I take at least 4 walks a week and I get in all my reps. So exercise is great, yay.



Food hasn’t been the best, which is why I am starting another Whole30. It’s time, and I want to be done before Thanksgiving because rolls.

Still no Couch to 5k. My ankle doesn’t feel 100% when I workout so I am really taking it as I go. I want to do this.

I haven’t hit my six mile a day goal, but I think when I do finally get on and do Couch to 5k I will in no time. I am hovering just around 5.5 miles with just walking.

Free Pass



I dropped a pound and have been moving more in recent weeks.

Goals For The Next Two Weeks


Plan all of my meals.

Work on my ankle strength.

Keep pushing.

What are your fitness and weight loss goals for the week?


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Check In (October 21)”

  1. Don’t get down on yourself too much. A pound down is moving in the right direction!
    Halloween is so hard for me. I absolutely love sweets. Here’s to hoping I just don’t gain anything during the next few weeks!
    Something you might want to try, if you dont need tons of variety, is eat the same thing every night for a week. We used to be really good about making dinner every night but after having a baby, it got harder. So we pick one meal we can eat all week, let’s say chicken rice and swet potatoes, we cook it all on Sunday, and eat it all week. We tried doing it with various meals but it took too long on Sunday to prep it all.

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