Top Gifts For New Dads

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Top Gifts For New Dads | Spit Up And Sit Ups

As we welcome our newest little one in just a few weeks (maybe days, yikes), I’ve been thinking about all the things that made our lives better after we had our son. Breast pump, bottles, specific baby gear…but what about Dad?

A lot of gift lists for new parents leave off Dad. The shopping lists for new baby’s arrival are all about making mom and baby’s lives easier.

I asked my husband what gifts he’d recommend to get another new dad and he came up with seven items he felt would make a great present for a new dad.

Top Gifts For New Dads


Either you do the cooking now or you’re about to; might as well get good at it.

My husband’s schedule actually makes him the cook in our family. He gets home earlier than I do and to be honest  he’s just better at it.

We watch a lot of Food Network so my husband has cookbooks from Mario Batali and Alton Brown. He also knows his way around Pinterest. Two great beginner cookbooks for Dad are See Dad Cook and What The Bleed Should I Make For Dinner?


You need to record everything.

Your camera phone will do a pretty good job, but we have both a DSLR and a GoPro and always recommend both. 

We love both. The DSLR is a bit big, can be clunky, and takes time to learn to get it right. It’s absolutely worth the time and money to get it right. It makes a great gift for a Dad who loves having hobbies.

The GoPro is absolutely perfect to grab, press record, and film life’s moments in an instant. It’s small and holds a charge really well. Anyone can use it. We’ve caught our toddler taking video of his trains with it.

Camera accessories

Holding the GoPro is stupid and this is a cheap option.

Getting an accessory to carry your GoPro or DSLR around on your neck is a great idea! The GoPro can also attach to your helmet making it great to just press record and go.

Shaving/Hair Kit

The only free time you’re going to have is going to be the 15 mins in the bathroom, might as well enjoy it.

Like Moms, Dads need self care too.

A couple years ago for Christmas, my husband asked for a gift card to get his own shaving kit. With the gift card, he went and purchased a nice safety razor similar to one his grandfather used and a brush. For his birthday, I purchased a few accessories, like a razor and brush holder. The safety razor refills, soaps, and fancy oils continue to make a great stocking stuffer.

In addition to the nice razor set, he also goes to a grooming salon for his beard.

And if you know my husband and read this you’re saying “Yeah right.”

But he goes every six weeks to get his beard taken care of and really enjoys the hour away. If something like this doesn’t make sense for your husband, think of an activity he’d enjoy that’s for him and get him a gift card.

Car Wash Tickets

Your car will be a mess, this is non-negotiable. Get another 15 mins by going to the car wash.


Our poor car.

It’s a disaster. Between Cheerios and whatever else, the backseat (okay and the front seat) is consistently a mess.

I feel bad. They say everything changes but literally everything changes. The inside of our car is a toy and cereal holder.

A gift card and car wash tickets to get the car taken care of makes a great gift idea. A new dad will appreciate getting a piece of his things back.

Book On Babies

Whether or not you’re scared of that baby, you should be. Get knowledgeable; they will exploit every weakness you have.

The best book we read was Happiest Baby On The Block. It was a game changer with The Wonder Weeks app.

There are books geared towards Dad which are great, but I think getting on the same page with parenting will be beneficial to both of you. So if Dad wants to read a book, Mom should too.

Yes, kids will exploit every weakness you have as my husband often says and it’s important to be a team in those moments. Start now when they’re babies.


I don’t know who you think is going to push the stroller, but it’s you. Make sure you test drive them.

Our first stroller was fine, but our second stroller is basically a Cadillac. It has a lot of space to store things, comfortable for our son, and really easy to navigate in and out of everything that’s in our way. Also, it doesn’t fall over no matter how much you put on it to carry. Even without your kid in the seat. It’s that good.

I also want to add a carrier to the list. He wasn’t into it at first, but we got an Ergo that worked out well for the both of us. I loved wrapping but we were able to take our Ergo anywhere and switch off if we got too hot or wanted a break from babywearing.

Ergo has a fantastic line of carriers to wear baby in many different positions. The carriers can be purchased in a neutral fabric so Dad can wear too.

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