Tips for Apple Picking with Kids

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Apple picking is a fun family activity! Here are my top tips for apple picking with kids. Also included are fun apple craft ideas and apple recipes!

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Fall is almost here and that means it’s time for apples, apples and more apples.

We’ve gone apple picking with our children before and I’m giving you my best tips for apple picking with kids. To get your kids ready for the apple picking fun, I’ve included a few craft ideas to get them excited as well as delicious apple recipe ideas in case you end up with 20+ pounds of apples like we typically do.

Here are tips for apple picking with kids plus crafts to get ready for the day plus apple recipes!

Tips for Apple Picking With Kids

Do Your Homework and Plan Ahead

Research apple picking farms ahead of time as well as recipes! Apple varieties vary and so do the recipes that go with them. Check out your local farms for their schedule and make a plan to go when your desired apple is available.

You need to start looking in August. That’s right! In the summer! Most people tend to not even think about apples until there’s a chill in the air but the time to pick apples happens before that! Check the weather and dress appropriately. It was close to 90 both times we went apple picking in September!

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Weekends will very much be more busy but if you are able to pick a large enough orchard with activities and go early in the day you’ll have a great time. Personally, I love getting out before lunch and as close to opening as I can. It’s so much easier to travel with kids before everyone else is on the road.

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Leave the Stroller in the Car

Yep, don’t even think about bringing it in! Opt either for a beach wagon like this one or use the carts provided by the orchard.

I know with kids it’s hard, but also I haven’t been to an orchard that wasn’t muddy. A stroller is pretty useless in mud and can’t do terrain!

I also wore my daughter last year when she was much smaller! Babywearing has so many benefits but literally the biggest benefit is not having to bring a heavy stroller everywhere!

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Don’t Eat as You Pick!

Just like you wouldn’t (hopefully) eat fruit before you paid for it at a super market, don’t do it at the farm!

Talk About Apples with Your Kids Ahead of Time!

Check out some fun apple themed books from the library and start talking about where apples come from, how to use them, all the different types and even do some activities.

Here are some fun apple crafts for toddlers and preschoolers you can do to get excited for your day trip:

Fun Apple Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Apple Stamping Craft

Make a Day of Apples

Because our closest orchards are about an hour away, it’s important for us to make the whole day about our activity.

This includes:

  • Packing snacks and lunch
  • Activities in case the wait is long

Our farms luckily have extra activities for families that include tractor rides and playgrounds for the kids to run around. It’s easy to spend a few hours picking apples!

How to Pick Apples from the Trees

Here are a few tips for picking the apples off the tree:

  • Always grab a cart available from the orchard. Apples can get heavy!
  • Look for firm apples with no bruises.
  • Do not pick apples from the ground.
  • Roll/Twist the apple instead of yanking off the tree.

Apple Recipes that Aren’t Apple Pie

Now that you have more apples than you can count, you’ll need to come up with some amazing apple recipes. Baking and cooking with your apples is a great learning experience for your littles too!

Here are some fun apple recipes that aren’t apple pie!


Have you gone apple picking? What are some tips for apple picking with kids that you have?

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