11 Things To Do Before Baby #2 Is Born

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11 Things To Do Before Baby #2 Is Born | Spit Up And Sit Ups


You’re about to never sit down again!

Kidding, kind of.

Preparing for a new baby was definitely easier the second time around compared to the first. We’re a bit more relaxed and the to-do list isn’t a mile long since we basically just did all of this.

There are still a few things to do before the second baby is born.

11 Things To Do Before Baby #2 Is Born

This post may contain affiliate links.

Arrange For Child Care For Older Child

We don’t live near family save for my sister in law so I needed to have a plan in place long before contractions. With a repeat c-section, I’m able to plan a bit better. We all know babies are unpredictable and will arrive on their own schedule.

Our go plan was simple. Our toddler son would stay in day care and my sister in law who lives close would pick him up at the end of her work day. We’d figure out overnights, but this was the plan if my body went into labor.

It didn’t and everything worked out great. We were able to stick to the plan we originally set and I didn’t have any worries.

Wash Things That Have Been In Storage

We had a girl this time but she’s definitely going to be wearing some blue! We kept all of my two and a half year old’s clothes so I have already gone through, checked for stains, durability, and put things our daughter can wear in the wash.

Beyond clothes, any blankets, soft toys, and baby gear made with fabric will need to be washed too. Depending on how many things you have, this can be a big task!

Declutter and Organize!

Anyone else find themselves just collecting an absurd amount of stuff over time? Why did we get so much stuff for our son when we didn’t even use a quarter of it?!

I give moms a break in this case. You have no idea what’s going to work for your baby and having a lot of stuff comforts you in case you do need it.

With your second baby, while you may not feel 100% prepared, you know what got you through and what was helpful. Have two swings but only used one? Donate!

Check Infant Car Seat Expiration Date

Make sure your seats haven’t expired before using them again! Check out my additional tips on infant car seat safety here.

Battery and Equipment Check

Just like with your first child, make sure all of the baby gear you’ll want to use has fresh batteries and is in working order before the second baby arrives.

When we got everything out of storage we also did a big Amazon Prime order of batteries to have on hand.

Clean Out The Diaper Bag

I was really terrible with just putting things in our diaper bag and leaving them there.

I had to clean it out to make room for our daughter’s things. No way was I carrying two diaper bags. I don’t have enough arms for two kids and two diaper bags.

Make sure your diaper bag has all the essentials for both kids before heading to the hospital!

Register For New Items

You might not have a baby shower with your second, but there’s no reason to not register for items that you may want or need to get a completion discount closer to your due date. You’ll also need some essentials, like baby soap and diapers, so throw those on there!

Stock Up!

Diapers, wipes, ointment – oh my. Here we go again. We got a box of a few different diaper sizes, an extra box of wipes, and ointment just for the new baby. We also made sure we had some formula on hand in the house by signing up for coupon checks with Enfamil and Similac.

Another item we bought new were cloth diapers to be used as burp cloths.

Stock up on anything you needed and loved for your first.

Double Strollers

Do some research on double strollers if your older child is still in need of a stroller. We decided since I loved my Ergo that we would stick with a single stroller and I would wear the new baby. So far it’s worked out great for us. A double stroller can take up a lot of space which we just don’t have right now.

We still might end up purchasing a Sit N StandΒ stroller within the next year or so depending on our needs but for right now we’re sticking with what we have.

Don’t Forget To Pack The Hospital Bag

Procrastination at its finest, I waited until almost the last minute this time to pack a bag.

Hey, I was ready by 36 weeks!

Check out my post here on what you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag.

We packed way lighter this time. You don’t need everything and the kitchen sink!

Meal Prep

Meal planning and prepping was so helpful!

I had a c-section and my husband thankfully stuck to the list that I laid out ahead of time so we never ran out of anything. He’s known for coming home with about $100 in extras we probably didn’t need.

Planning meals ahead helped us when we weren’t getting any sleep and couldn’t think.

You can prep meals ahead of time, freeze, and reheat when it’s time to eat! If you have the freezer space, plan as far ahead as you can. If possible, make enough for lunch leftovers the next day too.



Preparing for any baby is a challenge! There are so many things to do before baby is born! With planning, support, and a lot of coffee you’ll make it through.

What were some things you did/are doing to prepare for the second baby?

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