The Best Blippi Gift Ideas For Kids

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Is your kid obsessed with YouTube sensation Blippi? Here is my top picks for the best Blippi gift ideas for kids!

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My kids love Blippi. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re singing “I’m an excavator” in the shower too.

Our obsession started one day when I asked Alexa to play a firetruck song after my then toddler son begged me fully expecting her to say “I’m sorry, I’m not sure about that.” But she played “The Firetruck Song” by Blippi.

And we were thrown into the Blippi universe. Moms at the playground are like “Wow, we LOVE Blippi too!” as if we’re connected in some super secret way.

Blippi videos are fun and educational. Besides playing the songs on our Echo, it’s the only YouTube channel (besides Monster Jam) that I allow my son to watch. You read a lot about things kids end up on, so we continue to remain in control of YouTube for now.

The Best Blippi Gift Ideas For Kids

Here are my top Blippi gift ideas for kids!

This post contains affiliate links.

Blippi Complete Outfit

Whether you just want to play pretend or your child is thinking of being Blippi for Halloween, here are the things you’ll need to have a complete Blippi outfit!

Blippi Shoes blippi gift ideas

Blippi Shirts

Besides the classic Blippi Suspenders and Bow Tie tee above, there are so many other great Blippi shirts you can choose from!

Blippi Books

We purchased a Blippi book for my preschooler as a reward for getting his hair cut. My son really dislikes getting his hair cut! We started doing them at home to help him through his fear.

Blippi Bike with Training Wheels

If your child is a little older this Blippi bike with training wheels is perfect for them!

Blippi Balance Bike

A balance bike is perfect for a toddler learning to balance on two wheels. Blippi has a balance bike that’s perfect for young toddlers who are obsessed with him!

Blippi Doll

Take Blippi every where you go with this adorable stuffed Blippi.

There you have it! All of the best Blippi gift ideas! Your Blippi obsessed child will love these gift ideas!

Is your child obsessed with Blippi?

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