The 9 Best Fitness Gifts for Her

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Looking for the best gifts for the fitness enthusiast? Here are the 9 best fitness gifts for her!

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We all have friends at different stages of their fitness journey. Maybe it’s a mom looking to start feeling like herself again or the woman who exercised throughout her entire pregnancy and has always been fit!

There are so many great gifts for the fitness enthusiast. Here are the best fitness gifts for her this holiday season.

The 9 Best Fitness Gifts for Her

These are the best workout gifts for her this year!

This post contains affiliate links.

Fitness Tracker

I love my FitBit! I got it as a gift (to myself, still a gift!) about 4 years ago and I do not leave the house without it. Or take a step. It’s a great gift for the fitness enthusiast


I’m not even going to lie, I got Invisibobbles in a FabFitFun box and I kinda just rolled my eyes and threw them in the back of the closet.

And then someone told me it doesn’t create a crease in your hair and I was HOOKED. It’s not soaking wet either after a workout. These are a great stocking stuffer gift idea for the woman who loves to wear her hair down but puts it up for a workout!

Gym Bag

An adorable gym bag is a must have for the gym goer! This would be an excellent gift if the fitness enthusiast loves heading to the gym but maitains her style.

Workout Clothes and Shoes

If you know her size, she would LOVE new workout clothes and shoes. Did you know running shoes only last about 3 months making it a pretty costly investment.

Water Bottle

If you love fitness, you’re guaranteed to love getting a new water bottle. It’s science. I have a ton of water bottles and I keep collecting more.

Yoga Mat

I love my yoga mat! I use it for more than just yoga at the gym on the hard gym floors. We don’t have access to mats in our building’s gym so a yoga mat is a MUST for any floor exercises. I find it’s easier on my knees too.

Bluetooth Headphones

Let me tell you the most annoying thing at the gym: When you’re on the treadmill and a crap song comes on and you go to hit “Next” but you hit the wire, send your phone flying, send yourself into a panic and nearly fall off the treadmill.

Get her bluetooth headphones. She’ll thank you later, I promise.

Home Gym Equipment

Home gym equipment makes a great gift! Head to my blog post HERE that’s all about starting your own home gym!

Foam Roller

As I, ahem, age gracefully, I find the need for recovery THAT much greater. A foam roller is a great tool to have in your home for those sore muscle days after a hard workout. It’s a great gift that she might not already have!

And there you have it – the best fitness gifts for women! What are some of your favorite fitness items and must haves?

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