Terrain Race Review: My Mud Run Experience

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I just did my first Terrain Race and had a lot of fun during this mud run! Here’s my full Terrain Race review and how you can sign up!

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After completing my first Tough Mudder 5k earlier this year, I knew I wanted to do another mud run. I checked out a few Tough Mudder 5ks within 4 hours driving distance and couldn’t settle on one.

A friend on Instagram posted to her stories her Terrain Race 5k experience that was low cost and a fun experience for her. I checked if there was a race in my area, checked with my sister and we signed up!

Here’s my Terrain Race Video:


Terrain Race Review

Showing up to Rosecroft Raceway in Maryland, about a half hour from where I live in Virginia, I was immediately aware this was MUCH smaller than the Tough Mudder.

First, we were able to park on premises which was great (but an additional fee) and just walk right up to the racetrack. The Start and Finish lines were clearly marked. There was a food truck, post race photo set ups and only a handful of sponsored tents. I remarked only seeing just one! There were Port-A-Potties and we had access to the inside portion of the Racetrack.

We didn’t have to get there too early because we parked on premises which was great. Our starting group had a lot of great people and we started right on time. We felt hype and ready to go!

Let’s Go Racing!

We started right on time with our group and ran along until we hit the first obstacle. I loved that obstacles started almost immediately.

Seeing the next obstacle up ahead made me want to run to get to the next obstacle. It’s definitely a mind game and absolutely why I made such good time!

Terrain Race Starting Line

Terrain Race Obstacles List

Here are the following obstacles I completed in my Terrain Race in Maryland:

  • 4 Ft Wall
  • Monkey Bars
  • Multi-Rig
  • Rope Climb
  • Tire Flip
  • Tire Drag
  • Tarzan Swing
  • Balance Beams
  • Mud Pit
  • 6 Ft Wall
  • Tractor Pull
  • Net Climb
Terrain Race Tire Flip
Terrain Race Tire Flip
Terrain Race Mud Pits
Terrain Race Mud Pit
Mud Pits

There was never too much running between obstacles. You could almost always sense an obstacle was close or you could see it up ahead. I really liked that. I’m not the best runner or even the most mediocre runner. In fact, I’d rather not. But I really felt pumped and compelled to run to get to the obstacles!

I truly love the muddy obstacles. I felt like a kid jumping in and it totally feels refreshing after sweating on the other obstacles.

Some things I know I need to work on and just didn’t after my June race. But I signed up for two more obstacle course races next spring so it’s time to get to work!

Do You Get a Medal After a Terrain Race?

Yes! And if you’re muddy, the medal will get muddy but that’s all part of the fun, right!

What Should I Wear to a Mud Run?

Here are my mud run must haves for during the race:

Be aware that mud can stain clothes so don’t wear anything you value too much or don’t want to get completely destroyed.

Are There Showers at the Terrain Race?

Okay. There are hoses. Or at least there were when we went. Many didn’t even see the area to hose off and tried to change and remove as much mud as possible at their cars.

We decided that waiting in line to hose off would take just as long as driving home so we threw towels on the seats and used baby wipes to get the mud off of our feet.

I hope for the future that there will be showers similar to the other race that I’ve done though I will say I am showing at home for real anyway.

How Long Does it Take to Do a Terrain Race?

The Terrain Racing website says add 20-30 minutes to your typical 5k race time.

I’ve never done an actual 5k and don’t really run at the gym. Shocker, I hate running. Yes, I know I need to work on that! For me, it took roughly 70 minutes. I did way more running than I did in my previous mud run 5k but I still did a good bit of walking.

Can You Skip Obstacles In the Terrain Race

Yes, absolutely you can skip obstacles in the Terrain Race if you want to. Unless you have a significant reason to skip like an injury I highly suggest trying. Will you not succeed? Maybe. But you’ll never know if you don’t try.

I tried every obstacle fully knowing I could not handle a monkey bar or climb up a rope. It does give me motivation to work on for the next race.

Training for a Terrain Race

Training for an obstacle course race is a lot of work. Check out this 6 week training plan to help you succeed!

Would You Do Another Terrain Race?


My sister and I say it every time we’re finished an obstacle course mud run – we’ll never do a regular running 5k after doing the obstacle courses. Seriously. I have a blast even if I can’t complete an obstacle.

I hope Terrain Race gets bigger every year. I loved the obstacle courses we had and that there wasn’t too much space between obstacles. It was a fun experience and I’ll definitely sign up for another.

Have you done Terrain Race or another type of mud run? What is your Terrain Race review or mud run 5k experience?

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