Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

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The winter snow is melting and it’s time to spring clean your fitness routine! Here are the steps you need to take to refocus and stay on track this spring!

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine | Spit Up and Sit Ups

Ah, goodbye winter. Hello spring!

With spring, that means summer is right around the corner. And maybe you slacked a little this winter because, let’s be honest, the winter can bring us all down with its lack of sunshine and bitter cold.

But spring! Spring means new life for everything around us including our exercise routines. We can go outside again without freezing our butts off. The flowers are blooming and there are more sunny hours in the day.

Here are my tips for you to give your workouts a spring cleaning!

How to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Preparing to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

See Your Doctor

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but if you’re my age the commercials are talking to you about seeing your doctor before you begin any new exercise routine. Especially if you haven’t been active for a while or have health conditions.

Set Goals

Establishing clear and realistic goals is an effective way to stay motivated. It will also give you a baseline for monitoring your progress. Maybe it’s running a 5k or losing 10lbs by summer. Whatever your goals are write them down where you can see them!

Go Shoe Shopping

I cannot stress this enough. GET FITTED FOR PROPER SHOES! Buy shoes that are made for your chosen activity, whether it’s golf or running. Replace them as often as needed when they show wear and tear, which is usually every 3-6 months if you run regularly. You need a good pair of shoes that are properly fitted to avoid injuries.

Home or Gym?

You can get a great workout without buying expensive equipment, but you may want to invest in some pieces that will let you exercise at home. You could get your own treadmill or go as simple as buying free weights for strength training. We have access to a gym with the basics here in our building but you truly don’t need much to jumpstart your exercise.

Designing Your Spring Exercise Program

Plan Your Program

A well-rounded workout routine usually includes a mixture of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. Give yourself a little time to warm up at the start of each session and to cool down afterwards. I love following the Sweat app because it gives me a full schedule of strength, cardio and stretching routines.

Start Slow and Work Up Gradually

Do not go all out on the first day. I repeat, do not be a fitness hero if you haven’t been working out!Focus on the quality of your efforts. When you’ve mastered good form with some basic exercises, you can increase the length and intensity of your sessions. A sensible approach will help you to avoid injury and remain encouraged about your progress. It’s so important to listen to your body.

Find Activities that Work with Your Schedule

Ideally, a 30 minute workout is great but we’re busy women. We have families who depend on us and work that won’t get done if it weren’t for us. Schedule your workouts. Take a quick walk at lunch and do strength training after the kids go to bed. Structure workouts that fit into your schedule whether it’s before or after work or a combination of brief sessions.

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Sticking to Your Spring Exercise Program

Spice It Up with Variety

Anyone else suffer from workout boredom? I know if I don’t do different things I get bored. Keep your workouts interesting by varying your routine.

You could alternate between taking a brisk walk or doing a quick YouTube video at home. If your work building has a gym, head down there twice a week during lunch or get outdoors at a park. Seriously. Squats on the playground is my jam.

Try Something New

Rejuvenate your spirits by taking on a new challenge. Sign up for rock kickboxing or dance lessons. Buy a new exercise video or browse through the selection at your local library. YouTube is my go-to for free videos that are quick and I can do while the kids play.

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Put Yourself in Good Company

Get an exercise buddy so you can support each other in pursuing your fitness goals. Sign up for mother and baby exercise classes at your local community center and make a new friend or two.

Reward Yourself

Set non-food based rewards. I feel like it took me way too long to understand that food rewards were just a bad idea. Bad habits start to creep back in. I love Weight Watchers because I can easily have the foods I crave if I adjust and eat 0 point foods. So if I can incorporate it into my diet every once in a while why would I reward myself with food!? Get a real reward: a haircut, a new shirt, sunglasses, anything! Anything other than food.

Have Fun!

Exercise is a lot easier if you keep it fun and enjoyable. Pick the activities that appeal to you. If you find yourself getting in a rut, come back and give your exercise routine a spring cleaning again. No one says you can’t spring clean your fitness routine as often as you need. If it bores you, you’re less likely to continue which means you’re going to give up sooner.


Give your workouts a spring cleaning and enjoy the outdoors! Designing a spring exercise routine that works for you will help you look better and become more fit. Allow the renewal of the seasons to renew your fitness commitment.You can have fun while you improve your health and appearance.

What are you most looking forward to about spring?

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