Solo Parenting

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J drove home two days ago for a family emergency and probably won’t be back until sometime this weekend.  That’s been incredibly stressful, and while surgery is behind us, recovery is ahead and that will be long and hard.  We will be making a lot of trips home as much as we can.

That leaves me to fend for myself.  We don’t live around family, so no one can step in if we need it.  It’s just me and Bubs.

I tried to get as much ready the night before while Bubs was awake.  The mornings are hard enough, but adding in a few extra steps really throws me off.  I thrive on routine.  I’m not sure if Bubs does yet, but I need it to start everything right.  Of course, I had missed things so I was scrambling to get out the door when I had to be at work early. Luckily, my absence wasn’t noticed and it looked like I arrived on time.

I’ve been so distracted with home life that I haven’t really been able to focus much on work.  I am trying.  It’s difficult. I want to take Bubs and go to J to be there for him.

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Last night, I picked up Bubs from day care and he was so excited to see me.  He ran over with a big smile and gave me a big hug.  I decided to order dinner because our place was a mess and I needed to straighten as much as I could to feel comfortable.  I couldn’t add cooking dinner on top of that.  Besides, leftovers make a good lunch.

I was able to use Daniel Tiger and OBall cars as a distraction so I could get the dishes squared away and do the cleaning I felt was necessary.  Thanks, DT.  You always have my back.

Bubs was so good for me.  I hope he stays that way until at least J gets home. I’ll probably be solo until Saturday at least.  I have no idea how to be SuperMom, but I will try this week.

3 thoughts on “Solo Parenting”

  1. My husbands in he military so I know first hand how stressful it can be to all of a sudden be alone for long periods of time. As a spouse, It’s hard. As a mom, it makes the task even more challenging! but somehow you find it in yourself to step up and make it work, because you have no other choice!

    Praise the Lord for Daniel Tiger!

  2. My hubs does commercial construction and that means traveling all over Texas, leaving me at home with our little man. I call myself a married single mom haha. I don’t live near my family, and his is not so helpful besides my MIL and our cousin. I definitely feel you! We eat out more than I’d like to admit because its hard to cook for 1.5 people. Hope everything returns to normal
    soon for you! ( DT is my favorite nanny while I clean up the house too)

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