My Secret For Handling A Toddler And Newborn

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My Secret For Handling A Toddler And Newborn | Spit Up and Sit Ups

Handling a toddler and a newborn together is a tough job. I need ten extra sets of hands and eyes just to keep up with everything and everyone.

When women ask how I do it, my response is simple – babywearing.

I barely do it, by the way. My kids are happy and fed but without coffee, babywearing, and my husband making sure I can shower with no interruptions I’m not sure I’m “getting it done.”

Benefits Of Babywearing

There are so many wonderful benefits of babywearing.

Babywearing allows for more bonding time and convenience to use both hands while eating, taking care of another child, or doing whatever it is you need to do. As a blogger, it’s wonderful to have my baby close to me while I work. She gets a good nap in (because big brother wakes her up, don’t get me started) and I can do a little work.

I can also wear my infant daughter while playing trains or fire trucks with my son on the floor. It’s an added benefit. Rion loves hanging out with baby sister and mom can hang with both kids at the same time.

Babywearing is also good for development, healthy hip joints, and may reduce colic.

The NuRoo Pocket Baby Carrier

My Secret For Handling A Toddler And Newborn | Spit Up and Sit Ups

I was received the NuRoo Pocket Baby Carrier to review and I was really excited to start using it right away.

I delivered my daughter via repeat c-section and, with a toddler at home, I knew I’d have to turn to babywearing to keep up. With being alone and having to get in and out of a carrier myself, the NuRoo Pocket was a great design for me to get in and out without any assistance.

I also love that I felt dressed in those early days. It’s a flattering cut. You can wear it by itself to practice Kangaroo Mom Care or if you want to wear it out just throw a tank on underneath!

The NuRoo Pocket is super soft and reminds me of some of my expensive running leggings. I chose the large size because, well, my breastfeeding breasts cannot be contained right now. The length is nice too. Since I refuse to wear anything but maternity pants because they are so comfortable, the NuRoo Pocket covers the full panel!

As a breastfeeding mama, I love the extra benefit of being able to feed my daughter without disrupting her comfort and with being discreet. I’ve been known to feed my daughter wherever, but sometimes that “wherever” just happens to be walking through a zoo with my toddler son!

My Secret For Handling A Toddler And Newborn | Spit Up and Sit Ups
Wear and Work!

Other Products From NuRoo!

My Secret For Handling A Toddler And Newborn | Spit Up and Sit Ups
Products…and toddler foot.
  • Swaddler – Genius. It’s a swaddle that grows with your baby as opposed to having to switch sizes before your baby rolls. I absolutely love the soft fabric and adorable modern prints available on the swaddle.
  • Nursing Scarf – This is so so soft! I’ve only ever used this as a regular scarf because my kids refuse to be covered when eating. Hey, at least I look good.
  • Multi-Use Cover – This is perfect for getting the car seat from the building to our car in the cold and wind. It’s been windy here lately so we have been getting some use out of it. Another great use for this cover is for the shopping cart! Of all the things I hate, the seat of the shopping cart is one of them. I imagine people putting their raw chicken in the seat and it not being washed off and somehow ending up in my babe’s mouth. No thank you. I just use a cover and wash between uses.


My Secret For Handling A Toddler And Newborn | Spit Up and Sit Ups
Nursing Scarf!
My Secret For Handling A Toddler And Newborn | Spit Up and Sit Ups
Multi Use in Heather Gray

Check out all products using the link below!

NuRoo Webpage

What helped you through those tough newborn days while caring for a toddler?

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