Newborn Must Haves From A Second Time Mom

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newborn must haves from a second time mom

When you have your first child, you basically register for everything under the sun on every list under the sun because you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

While this second time around, I have no idea what’s in store for us as a family of four but I have a better idea of what I don’t need and what is on my newborn must haves list.

I personally didn’t include major items like an infant bath tub, car seat, bottles, or stroller. If you need all of those things, please check out my Ultimate Baby Registry Guide and grab the checklist.

These items are my top picks when an expectant mom asks for product advice!

Newborn Must Haves From A Second Time Mom

Zipper Footed PJs

Zipper footed pajamas are my go to. I’d fumble with the buttons, end up doing it wrong, and have to re-do them in the middle of the night on no sleep with a newborn who did not want to be on his back and was letting all of our neighbors know it.

Some say the buttons are nice because you only need to remove the bottom portion to change a diaper. Okay. Whatever works for you, mama!

For me, the zippers made those painfully loud diaper changes in the middle of the night shorter.

Pack N Play

With a saturated baby gear market, the one standout that most moms recommend will be this Pack N Play. Β I personally love purchases that I can get a lot of use out of. You can start as early as birth and continue to use it as your baby grows.

We ended up not using the napper attachment, but the bassinet attachment was worth it for us. My son had silent reflux and we were able to sleep on a slight incline to help him keep his milk down.

Ergo Carrier

I personally waited way too long to use a carrier but once I did it was completely life changing. My son was comfortable on me and I had both of my hands back to do whatever I needed to do. And by “whatever” I mean finally eat and drink water.

Check out my review of our Ergo here.


The NoseFrida Snot Sucker does just that – quickly removes all the snot from your child’s stuffy nose to help him or her breathe. It’s not even worth you looking at other aspirators. This is the one you want.

The idea looks disgusting, but there’s a little foam applicator between you sucking and the snot entering the tube. You can buy foam replacements too!

We still use our NoseFrida snot sucker on our toddler. It’s so much better than the bulbs which can have mold build up inside without you knowing.

Sound Machine

I recommend a sound machine to any expecting mom or any mom struggling with sleep. We use ours for naps and bed time sleeping. Our sound machine also has a projector!

My husband really didn’t want to give our son “a crutch” early in his life, but our pediatrician put that thought out of his mind. If it helps, use it. So we did every single day since then. It’s made bed time much easier.

Boppy Pillow

The Boppy pillow is another one of those multi-use products. We used it every day for nursing for a really long time until my son was a little bigger. We then used it for propping and tummy time! I can’t wait to break it out again for our next little one.

SwaddleMe Swaddles

Our son would not stay in the cute muslin swaddles we had a dozen of. Not willing to throw in the towel on swaddling too early, we purchased the SwaddleMe velcro swaddles and my son stopped doing his touchdown dance.

I became a pro at getting my sweet little guy into one of the velco swaddles after he fell asleep on me.

This product does have to come completely off for those middle of the night diaper changes, but finally getting four hours of sleep in a row and I didn’t even mind.

For more info on safe swaddling and sleep, please go here.

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As a second time mom, I feel a bit more prepared going into the newborn phase than I did with my son. I’ll be relying on these products to get me through those tough days and nights.

What baby gear and products would you recommend to an expecting mom?

13 thoughts on “Newborn Must Haves From A Second Time Mom”

  1. I just had my second baby on July 2nd and I agree with everything on this list. The Ergo carrier has especially been helpful. I also have a CuddleBug wrap that works great.

  2. Oh my goodness! I remember all of the useless crap I got with my first child but you must haves are right on point. My absolute favorite is the NoseFrida. It is an absolute life saver especially for a newborn baby.

  3. These are such great recommendations! I remember thinking I needed everything under the sun for my son and how little of it I actually used. My absolute favorite find when he was little was magnetic closure onesies from Magnificent Baby… those were SO much easier than all the snaps!

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