My First Week on Noom

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I’ve spent one week tracking using the Noom app – here is my experience during my first week on Noom!

I am a serial dieter, but, y’all, I am OVER IT.

I keep saying “my relationship with food is so bad.” And it is! That’s where Noom comes in. Noom claims to get behind the psychology of food and dives deep into your relationship with yourself, food, and everything around you.

Here’s my first week on Noom review and why I will continue on with the program.

What is Noom?

Noom is an app based calorie tracking program. Unlike WW, SparkPeople, or other calorie tracking programs, there is no option to use Noom as web based.

Noom claims to change the way you think about food and claims to be the last diet you’ll ever need. Noom offers calorie tracking, nutrition education, and a health coach.

The app attempts to show you the behavior behind your eating habits and works to fix them by using the app for roughly 10 minutes a day.

As a constant dieter, I am of course skeptical. Besides, I’m only one week in! I have decided to stick with Noom for the next 6 months to give a full and honest review.

If you would like to join me or test it out for a week for yourself click HERE for my affiliate link.

Daily Calorie Allowance

Okay, the daily calorie allowance is LOW in my opinion. I think mine was 1200 calories, with working out and the amount of walking I do in a day, that’s just entirely too low. The program is all about a calorie deficit (which isn’t a new diet!) which, yes, makes sense, but I also need to nourish myself! I have been doing my best to eat at a calorie deficit, with working out, without sacrificing.

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The Color System

Noom uses a color system of Green, Yellow, and Red. I both get the Noom Color System and also I just don’t like it. Noom uses these three colors to represent foods that have different calorie density. The green foods, like fruit or veggies, are less calorie dense therefore you can eat more of it. The red foods are the most calorie dense foods.

Reason number 1 why I don’t like this: the actual colors used. For many of us, green/yellow/red is like a traffic light. Green means go ahead. Yellow means hold on. Red means full stop. Noom doesn’t want us to think that way, but these colors are really hard to not associate with a meaning already. Noom wants you to eat all of the colors and gives you a maximum that you could have in a day. Noom wants us to fill up on more green foods so we don’t go over on our yellow and red foods.

The Coaching

I was introduced to my Coach during week 1 and I find it helpful. I have seen a few comments on Reddit or in FB groups that many did not click with their coaches or felt it was lacking. My Coach checks in about twice a week, which to me is really helpful. Yes, it’d be better if she was around to slap the red foods out of my hand, but she is there to ask questions and keep me on track with both the course and my eating.

Special Note: Noom provides users with “health and wellness coaches” that are approved by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches—though that doesn’t necessarily mean they are trained professionals like registered dietitians or certified trainers.

Daily Weighing

Daily weighing is like…a red flag to me. I am not into it. I think it messes with me too much and there are many many people that daily weighing just does not work for.

For the sake of giving Noom a good try, I have weighed myself daily. And boy, is it eye opening. It’s a mix of “Wow I am fluctuating” or “Oh man, that salty meal really did ruin me” or “Yes, see! Hard work pays off!”

It’s hard to face that number every single day. But it’s forcing me to come to terms with the day before and forcing me to realize that if I stuck to just once a week I might miss out on some hard truths. Or what if it is working, and my weigh in day is just a day after I had a salty meal.

I get the daily weighing, but it’s only after weighing in every single day that I understand. But I am really aware that daily weighing is NOT for everyone.

The Cost

Noom can cost you $59 a month or $199 a year. You may be able to find a coupon code on Facebook or Reddit so check there before signing up. My first week on Noom was a free trial.

Is It Going To Work?

Like all other plans, you have to put in the leg work to make Noom beneficial for you. But I also think Noom isn’t for everyone! I think for people like me who need that education and science behind food, it’s very helpful. I have been saying “My relationship with food is so bad! How can I fix it?” and that’s why I signed up. I love the course and the coaching has been helpful. It’s helped me add in veggies or fruits at every single meal, which WW definitely did not help with.

Have you done Noom before? Share your experience below!


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