Mother’s Day DIY: Hand print Flower Pot

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Easy, Quick, Simple Mother's Day Crafts

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I went to Walgreens with the intention to buy a card for my mother and my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day to be mailed out from just John and I..  I saw a coworker there (and 10 other people) looking for a card as well.  She has two little girls.  I made a comment about this being a happening place right now, and she replied that she couldn’t find a card that said “Nana.”

My eyes lit up because it never occurred to me to get a card for Mom-Mom and Grandma B from Rion.



I can’t remember what I did last year, but I would say with 95% certainty absolutely nothing because I still couldn’t walk without help after my c-section.  My first Mother’s Day was hard juggling becoming a new mom and not being able to move more than twelve feet without assistance.

My coworker sighed and said “Hand print crafts it is.”

“Ha, that’s what we’re doing!”

Here I am, keeping up with other moms.  I went back to my desk and started to think about crafts I could possibly do with very little time.  I also had to mail it so I needed to think quick.  Pinterest to the rescue.  I checked Pinterest, because that’s where you go to see what other moms who are trying to keep up with other moms are doing.  After scouring and typing in different variations of “toddler mother’s day craft,” I found a hand print and footprint flower bouquet and decided I’d make a “flower pot” with three hand prints and call it a day.

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I head home that night, grabbed some of our photo paper and used the back matte side.  Pink paint was everywhere because getting a one year old to sit still and not eat paint is an incredibly difficult task.  A task I now know not to take on during this phase.  Pink paint was in his hair. Pink paint was on the high chair.  Pink paint was all over me.

I used MS Paint to “hand” draw the stems, leaves and pot.  I cut the stems and pot and trimmed the hand prints.  I glued everything together and measured it up against the width of the cards I purchased for my mom and mother in law.  I made sure I didn’t have to cut a hand print flower or part of the flower pot off.

Easy Quick Simple Mothers Day Craft


It wasn’t a hard craft, but took a decent bit of time (my lunch hour) to complete all of the cutting, gluing, taping. Making sure each hand print flower pot fit into the envelope took a lot of time too. I had to keep taking it apart just to make sure I could mail it out.

Once I mailed the hand print flower pot out, I realized I probably could have gone a step further and created a magnet out of it.  Instead it was just a flat craft to fit inside a card to be shipped.

I need to stop trying to keep up with everyone.


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