Montessori Bed Trials

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With J out of town on business (that sounds so grown up), I decided to give the Montessori bed a whirl.  I should also say I must be a masochist because why change anything about the sleep routine?

I didn’t do much research into what I should be doing instead.  I went ahead and thought “Well, it’ll be easy to roll Bubs off of me once he’s asleep if we’re on a floor bed so Montessori bed it is!”  Rocket science, folks.

I’m incredibly nervous and also incredibly sad.  I enjoy bed sharing.  I know it’s not for everyone, but it better than having Bubs sleep alone.

I am only two days into it and they haven’t been the best days.  Day 1 was a mess.  Day 2, well, I gave in and brought Bubs to bed because he started crying at 11:30PM and I was tired.  TIRED. I need sleep! I wasn’t going to try again.


My biggest problem with sleep training is me.  I need to take a month (or two) of leave and stick to the plan to make this work.  In the end, I say to myself at 2AM “I can’t do this. Just bring him to bed. I need sleep.” I then forget the plan, and go back to all the things I shouldn’t be doing.

I won’t cry it out, the crib has been a bad option, and I feel like the Montessori bed might be my last hope at getting my bed back.  Our bed back, I should say.  J has been supportive through all of this, but at least if I can get Bubs sleeping on his own then maybe one day he’ll actually fall asleep on his own.

Or maybe pigs will fly.

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