May Bluum Box Unboxing

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I received my first Bluum Box yesterday!  It arrived a day earlier than expected, so that was a nice surprise.


I signed up with a discount for a 3 month subscription.  It’s $34 a month if you sign up for automatic monthly billing, roughly $32 a month for most other subscription plans.

You can be surprised by Bluum with what is included in your box, or you can choose the items yourself.  You are also able to choose either up to 4 items for your child, or 3 for your child and one for yourself.  I chose four for Bubs because I couldn’t think of a reason to get anything for myself.

For my first box, Bluum picked all 4 of my items.

We received:

1 Lift the Flap Book: Peekaboo I Love you ($8.99)

1 Grasping Toy –  Melissa & Doug Giraffe ($9.99)

1 Bottle Bud – KidKusion, Lion ($9.99)

1 4 Pack Corner Cushions – Dreambaby ($6.71)

Total Received: $35.68


Unlike my other subscription (Ipsy), you get exactly what you pay for.  No feeling like you got more bang for your buck.

Bubs coming to check out my “photo shoot”


The book will be the clear favorite for awhile.  Bubs loves books, and I just have to keep it away from him long enough so he doesn’t tear it apart.  He doesn’t quite understand reading yet at 13 months.  The next useful item will be the corner cushions.  I will never be done baby proofing the house.  EVER.  There’s always something new that needs to get put away, covered, closed, whatever.

I am not sure about the Giraffe, but I really hope Bubs uses it.  It looks like a neat toy that we can take with us wherever we go.
The World Just Got a Little Sweeter with Gymboree Newborn Styles!

The koozie?  Uh, he’ll probably spend most of his time chewing on it.  I might try this with our milk cups without handles even though Bubs holds them well, but I really don’t see much use for this.  Well.  Maybe for my beer.  Summer is coming, after all.

Next month, I have selected the items we’ll receive. I am not sure Bluum is worth it just yet.  I was underwhelmed, though I don’t know what I expected.  It might be worth it simply to pick my own items based on what I think Bubs will get the most use out of.

2 thoughts on “May Bluum Box Unboxing”

  1. Hi Ashley! I hate to hear that you weren’t completely satisfied with your box πŸ™
    How funny that I came across this post today, because this morning I put a post on my blog about 15 different subscription boxes, and I happen to mention this one. I listed 4 more for children, you should go check it out. I also have 5 for women, and 5 for men. Let me know what you think of it! Thanks, Meagan πŸ™‚

    1. Ashley @ Spit Up and Sit Ups


      I am better off choosing the items instead of having them pick! I can’t wait to check out your post. I’m on my last month of Bluum and would love to try something new!

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