I’ve Been Toddlered

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Is it okay if I curse?

I might have to.


I am in teething hell.

Last Friday night Bubs slept from 10pm-5am.  He goes to bed around 7:30pm.  That night…I thought maybe the stars were aligning.  Maybe we were turning the corner.  Maybe I could sleep soon!

And then Saturday hit.

And it hasn’t stopped.

The whining, the restlessness, the constant waking. It. Just. Hasn’t. Stopped.

I should have known he was in rare form on Monday when his morning squeezie ended up all over our carpet.  I didn’t realize it was all over him as well, wrapped him up and we went on our way.  Banana Mango was then all over both of us, and I had no time to run home and change.  Thankfully I was able to get it out at work, but still.  Terrible morning.  It hasn’t been better, either.  Yesterday, I was sipping my coffee in my travel mug while holding him and he flung it out of my hand and all over my lovely white undershirt.  I never put my shirt on until we are just about to leave for reasons like this. This morning, I set my coffee too low, and he did was toddlers do and toddlered it all over the carpet.  He also got into our bathroom cabinet while I was going to the bathroom and somehow spilled Listerine all over the bathroom rug.  How did he get the cap off?  Did we just not screw it on?  Are we seriously that tired that we haven’t been able to think?

A lot of this could have been avoided.  He’s being a cranky toddler, and I could have thought about all of my actions before doing them.   So working mom guilt kicks in because if I wasn’t rushing around to get us both ready and out the door by 7:15am, I could pay attention to him the way he needs and wants.  But nope.  Gotta go.  Gotta make that money.

Also, if he could stop spitting his medicine all over us both that’d be great too.

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  1. Awe, I remember these times…no fun. Hang in there though; try to hold on to the few rays of sunshine that peak through those dark clouds! Have you tried using the hyland’s teething tablets? Those helped us IMMENSELY, especially during those early/late nights when baby just couldn’t settle down.

    Sending positive thoughts your way!

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