How to Work Out as a Busy Mom

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Want to start an exercise routine that works for you and your busy life? Here’s how to work out as a busy mom!

You’re here because you WANT to exercise but you’re exhausted, you can’t find the time, you feel guilt, and leaving the kids just seems impossible.

This post goes beyond “WAKE UP AT 5AM.” Because, for real, I am not waking up at 5am. I’m just not. I made an attempt last year but through exhaustion I felt that extra sleep time seemed more beneficial. You might be feeling that too.

This post is full of ways that I make workouts happen at home or while I’m busy being a stay-at-home mom. Some days are way more challenging than others, but this is EXACTLY how I make exercise happen as a busy parent.

How to Work Out as a Busy Mom

Go for a Walk

The kids and I go for walks, even in the winter! We have a double stroller and we head out for a walk. I do about an hour with the kids on warm and mild days or just 15 minutes if it’s cold.

During the summer and much warmer weather, we do family walks after dinner. It’s before bedtime and doesn’t involve a stroller. We walk at a slow pace but I get the whole family involved. It’s family time and free exercise.

Get Creative At Home

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I mainly get my exercise in at home.

I use the SWEAT App or the Tone It Up app for something more structured. Both apps do cost money but there are millions of FREE workouts on YouTube.

Most workouts are body weight or require very little equipment – such as hand weights or resistance bands. Check out my home gym must haves HERE.

And I do these workouts during breakfast time, during nap and quiet time, or while the kids watch an episode of Daniel Tiger. One 24 minute episode of Daniel Tiger is an entire workout for me! I find NO SHAME in my screen time game during workout time, especially if it’s educational.

Get the Kids Involved

Who’s ready for a dance party?

Having a dance party is one way to get everyone’s heart pumping but spend time together as a family.

We also do Cosmic Kids Yoga on Amazon Prime two mornings a week together. It’s certainly not your relaxing mind clearing yoga. But it’s beneficial because your kids will see you being active and want to join in too.

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Work Out AT Work!

While I am a stay-at-home-mom now, I was a working mom trying to figure out how to be a mom, a wife, an employee, and take care of myself. For my lunch break, I’d either take a walk or use the steps as a workout. Once an hour, I did a lap around the office to keep moving.

I’d do fitness moves like squats or wall push ups in the bathroom. There are a TON of fitness moves that only require body weight that you can challenge yourself to do in a week.

Ask for Help

I stopped feeling guilty for this but I absolutely tell my husband “I AM GOING TO THE GYM TODAY” and try not to feel any guilt over this. I have goals. I have hopes. And I have a desire to also be by myself for some time and not just “be a mom” all the time.

If you don’t have access to an actual gym, tell your partner you’re going into the bedroom and you’ll be doing a workout for the next however many minutes. And do it.

Schedule It

I can’t live without my paper planner. If I write a workout down, I know I am more likely to achieve my goals than if I just tell myself in my head that a workout will happen.

Using The Fitness Planner, I plan out every single day and a specific time of day to get my workout completed. I set specific goals like how many times in a month I’d like to workout and then break that goal down by week.

Do you have advice on how to work out as a busy mom? How do you fit in your exercise as a busy parent?

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  1. Thanks for the post! I am a runner so sometimes I will take my nearly 14 month old with me in the stroller, but it is SUCH a pain! We have a treadmill in the basement too, but it is annoying not to go anywhere while running. I have actually found the best quick workout is our rowing machine because it is a full body workout in about 15 minutes!!

    Danielle from Whether the Storm Blog

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