How to Stay On Track Through the Holidays

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Don’t let those holiday goodies and treats get the best of you! Here’s how to stay on track through the holidays so you can indulge when needed and still achieve all of your goals!

how to stay on track through the holidays

Ah, the holidays. Presents, pretty lights and of course delicious food we all just can’t resist. And all of those fun holiday parties with the drinks, sweet treats and comforting meals…I could go on.

I love the holidays but for me, it’s definitely harder to stick to my diet and exercise regimen without following the tips below. Here’s how to stay on track through the holidays so you can wine, dine and still work towards your goals.

How to Stay On Track Through the Holidays

You don’t have to deprive yourself of anything during the holiday season! Here are my best tips for staying on track over the next couple weeks!

Keep Moving

I know, I’m Captain Obvious over here. But seriously, don’t stop your workout regimen and make sure you keep making time for your workouts. It might be hard during the holiday season to stick to your running plan but make sure you’re still doing something. You’ll thank yourself on January 2nd.

Looking for a 30 day challenge to keep moving? Sign up for my free 30 Day Beginner Burpee Challenge!

Water, Water, Water!

A little dehydration will trick your body into thinking it’s hungry even when it’s not! So drink that water. Before heading to a party you know will be filled with sugary goodness, drink a cup of water. And, if you’re like me, you’ll just keep drinking that water!

And if you’re indulging in a few holiday cocktails, make sure to hydrate after every single one!

Stick to Your Diet Plan Every Day [Almost, Okay]

I am a big believer in living your life. I’m not going to tell you to put down the fattening appetizer because you’re damn right I am going to try it too. When I know there’s a party coming up I do my best leading up to the party to plan out my food, make a workout happen as often as time allows, stick to my plan and then enjoy myself at the holiday party.

Look. We’re human. And cookies are delicious. Give 100 all week long and eat responsibly!

Add Veggies When You Can!

There’s almost always a veggie tray at a party. Head to that bad boy first. I love veggie loading so I can do a little cake loading at the end of the night. Life is all about balance, and balance to me is having a slice of cake.

Cut Calories Elsewhere

Looking to trim down on calories? Head to my post 21 Ways to Cut Calories for tips year round on cutting those calories down in other things you may be eating!

Make Healthy Versions of Your Favorites!

This is something I actually try to do in my daily life because I really have a sweet tooth! I love taking my holiday favorites and turning them into something I can enjoy while sticking to my WW Points plan.

Like cheesecake. Oh, my mom’s cheesecake is divine and I’d eat it every day if I could. So instead of indulging too much I create a cheesecake with strawberries, sugar free cheesecake pudding mix with fat free Greek yogurt. Is it my mom’s cheesecake? No. Does it hit the spot? Yes.

And there you have it – how to stay on track through the holidays in 6 simple steps!

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How do you stay on track during the holiday season?

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