How To Introduce Your Baby To The Pool

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how to introduce your baby to the pool by spit up and sit ups

I love swimming weather but unlike my husband I am not the best swimmer. We both agreed that as soon as we could introduce our children to the pool and swimming, we would get them in and give them the skills to feel confident in the water.

Here are my tips for introducing your baby to the pool water.

How To Introduce Your Baby To The Pool

Start In The Bath!

Bath time is a great way to get your little ones used to the water.

Always make sure the temperature is right for your little one.

Let your baby play with toys, wash cloths, and gently pour water over your baby’s head. The water on your baby’s head will help them get used to the feeling of water dripping down his or her sweet little face.

To make the bath time a positive experience with your baby, go ahead and get in the tub with your child too. Skin to skin has amazing positive effects and this can work well with your baby too. This is something I learned early with my son. If he sees us doing it, he’ll be interested in it too and he won’t be afraid if we’re there with him.

How To Introduce Your Baby To The Pool

You can introduce your baby to the pool as early as six weeks old but you want to make sure you’re introducing them slowly and safely.

We introduced our son to the pool around four months old. He loved splashing in the water and was never afraid.

With our daughter, she’s slightly older but she loves splashing in the tub. We used our SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float to introduce her to the big pool. The Infant Baby Spring Float is perfect for babies 3-9 months old to be introduced to the water while being close to mama. SwimWays is a leader in promoting water safety for the family.

How To Introduce Your Baby To The Pool | Spit up And Sit Ups

I love the Infant Baby Spring Float because it comes with a removable sun canopy that provides UPF 50+ of sun protection for my baby girl. I sunscreen every 90 minutes and use swimwear to protect from the sun. I don’t mess around with sun protection and love that it’s incorporated in the float too.

The 3 point harness on the Infant Baby Spring Float will keep your baby secure and there additional dual inflation chambers, child safety valves, and a wife base with an inner spring for stability to keep baby safe while in the float. There are handles for me to hold onto the float as well.

How To Introduce Your Baby To The Pool | Spit up And Sit Ups

We spent a total of 10 minutes in the pool for her first time in the water. She loves splashing and loves seeing her big brother swim around, but the temperature of the pool can get cold for the little ones even if the pool is heated.  Your first trips into the pool should be no more than 30 minutes and pay close attention to their skin and lips. They can get cold much faster than we can!

The Infant Baby Spring Float also folds up into its own carrying case making it easy to carry for any mom juggling two kids, snacks, towels, and whatever pool toy your toddler needs.

Keep these tips and advice in mind when taking your baby into the pool water:

  1. Use a swim diaper.
  2. SUNSCREEN. It’s necessary to apply before hitting the water and reapplying often!
  3. Go with the flow: Let your baby lead the way in the water. Follow his/her cues.
  4. Make it fun! Grab a ball and play “catch.” Your baby may enjoy trying to grab the ball from the water or seeing it splash!
  5. Be careful of chemicals! If you can smell the chlorine it might be too strong for your little one’s skin.
  6. Babies are born with reflexes to kick in water but this does NOT mean they can swim!

Remember to go slow. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Follow your baby’s lead and don’t force him or her to do something if he or she is not comfortable. If your baby is upset, try again in a few days.

Make It A Habit!

If your baby reacts well to the pool, make it a habit to keep going! Check around at your local high schools for indoor pools and public swim hours. You can keep swimming well into the winter months! You can also find additional tips from Teach Me To Swim!

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How early did you introduce your baby to the pool? 

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