How to Help a Scared Child Learn to Swim

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Is your child scared of the pool? Here are my top tips for how to help a scared child learn to swim and enjoy the water!

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How to help a scared child learn to swim

With summer upon us, teaching our kids to swim is so important.

But what about the child who’s afraid of getting in the pool? Here are my top tips for helping a scared child learn to swim and feel confident in the water!

How to Help a Scared Child Learn to Swim


Put on your most patient hat and remember to take it slow. You don’t want your child to get stressed over swimming and end up not wanting to go near the pool. Listen to your kid, remain calm and reassuring during the whole process.

Use a SwimWays Paw Patrol Swim Trainer

What better way to get your child in the water than using their favorite characters! We love our SwimWays PAW Patrol Swim Trainer for that very reason. Wearing the swim trainer helps my son’s confidence when it comes to swimming.

How to help a scared child learn to swim
How to help a scared child learn to swim

And mom loves that SwimWays is an industry leader in helping children learn to swim and promoting water safety. The Paw Patrol Swim Trainer is a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal floatation device for kids 30-50lbs.

You can get your Swim Trainers at Target in Chase (like we have!) or Skye!

Create Excitement for the Pool!

To help create excitement for the pool with your scared child, buy some brand new water toys and a new bathing suit to go with their Swimways PAW Patrol Swim Trainer. Let your child pick the items out!

You can also bring some friends to the pool to help your child get excited about getting in the water, especially one that’s ready to hop in!

Practice Breathing and Blowing Bubbles

Often times, kids want to inhale as soon as they hit the water. Teach your child how to exhale if they go underwater!

A fun way to do this is teaching to blow bubbles. My son has a big fear of going underwater so we often practice blowing bubbles to help him get over his fear and learn the proper way to breathe while swimming.

And a friendly reminder, make sure to tell your children often to never hold their breath as long as they can.

Stay in the Shallow End

Staying in the shallow end or in a shallow pool is a great way to introduce swimming to your kids. Much like the bathtub, which is another great way to introduce your child to swimming, this will have just enough water for them to play and splash around. This will help your child learn confidence in the water!

Blowing bubbles in shallow water!

PICK UP YOUR SWIMWAYS PRODUCTS AT TARGET! You can pick up this Chase Paw Patrol trainer or pick up Skye!

Was your child scared of the pool? How did you help your scared child learn to swim?

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