Healthy Eating Tips During the Holidays

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You can and should enjoy yourself while celebrating with family. Here are my healthy eating tips during the holidays so you can stay on track with your plan.

healthy eating tips during the holidays

The holidays are upon us and that means gathering with our family and celebrating together.

You can stay on track without overindulging! You can eat anything in moderation, but one of the most important things is to plan ahead.

Here are my healthy eating tips for this holiday season so you can live a little but stay as close to on track as possible.

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Healthy Eating Tips During The Holidays

Go in With a Plan

I think it’s really important that you go over your own personal limits with yourself. For Halloween, give yourself the opportunity to not overeat the Reese’s! Maybe choose to eat dessert and skip any of the fried appetizers at your family dinner.

Come up with a number in your head, work out calories, SmartPoints, or macros, and enjoy yourself. Track your food ahead of time using The Fitness Planner – writing down everything you will eat will help you stick to your meal plan! If you can help it and know the menu, PLAN AHEAD!

Don’t Be Too Strict…

This is where you can work on your “moderation skills” and stick to the plan.

I know I am much better on my diet if I don’t allow myself to stray. But ya know what? ONE COOKIE, ONE SLICE OF CAKE, ONE THING DOES NOT DESTROY MY JOURNEY.

Boy did it take a REALLY long time for me to understand that a bad meal doesn’t have to mean I need to wait until Monday to start over. It means the next meal, I need to make better decisions.

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Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Holiday parties for me typically mean a glass (or three) of sangria.

Like I mentioned before, track your food AHEAD of time. You’ll thank yourself later! Sometimes I choose between an alcoholic beverage or a cookie. It’s about balance in the moment.

Drink Water

Drinking water is going to help curb your appetite. Be aware of your actual hunger pangs and eat when water does not satisfy.

Eat Before You Go

Much like having a bowl of soup before a meal, eat something before you go to avoid any unnecessary snacking.

Be 100% On When You’re Not at a Party

This is good advice year round: If you know ahead of time there will be a gathering or a party, give your diet and food plan 100% all week. One day, or more specifically one party, does NOT ruin your journey and can barely be a road block in achieving your goals.

Move on From “Mistakes”

I hate calling them mistakes because food is nourishment and this whole weight loss journey is about changing our relationship with food and ultimately our relationship with ourselves. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER A BAD MEAL. Take that sentence, write it down, and put it wherever you can see it.

With careful planning, you can absolutely enjoy yourself during the holiday season.

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