Getting Back On Track

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Getting My Health Back On Track

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I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

No, I can get up. Just over here.  Being lazy.  Making excuses. The usual for me.

There’s no one reason why I fell off the fitness train, but I did.  It’s time to jump back on.

I do this often.  Up and down. Ebb and flow.

Since November 2015, I have lost close to 30 pounds after being my highest weight in my life post-pregnancy.  I didn’t do any tricks.  I did two Whole30 plans and started eating better. I started to move more.

I don’t like the phrase “get your body back after baby.” I started exercising and eating right on my own terms and not because an article or someone told me I needed to. I go into more detail in this blog. Giving birth takes a tremendous toll on your body and mind.  This is not a “get fit quick” scheme.  This is teaching myself healthy ways to lose weight.

The advice is endless from everyone, but it comes down to being a working mom and trying to fit in your children, your relationship, your job, and yourself in a single day.  Oh, and sleep.  I don’t get much of that, but I have to fit it in somehow.  Other working moms know the struggle of juggling every-little-thing.

I get so wrapped up in “not having enough time,” that I realize I need to make some time, figure it out, and pray I don’t drop the ball somewhere else.

Also, I didn’t lose weight while breastfeeding.  I stayed the same.  Some women will tell you how they dropped the weight just by breastfeeding.  Cool for them, but definitely wasn’t me. But I’ve always been the type who has had to work harder to achieve my goals.

This summer has not been good to me.

Well, I have not been good to me this summer.

I’ve gotten back into old eating habits. I haven’t been drinking alcohol much so that’s one good thing! But my eating has been so bad.  I need to be more accountable.

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Reasons to Lose Weight

1. Future pregnancies

With Rion, I developed gestational hypertension which turned into preeclampsia.  While weight is not the culprit and there’s no rhyme or reason why women develop preeclampsia, I know I can lose weight to lower my risk of high blood pressure through diet and exercise.  If I can work on my weight and maybe not put my body through that again I will.  Again, I know there’s no root cause to preeclampsia.

2. Clothes

I mean, a new wardrobe?  Hello! Sign me up.

I love shopping and I’m always looking for a reason to spruce up my existing closet full of clothes.  Losing the weight to be healthier is the perfect reason.

3. Me

My health is important.  Heart issues run in my family and I need to do my best to take care of my body while I am young and for my son.

I’ve only got this one body.  I need to treat it better than I am. I need to take care of it every day so it will take care of me when I need it to.

4. My Relationship

Losing weight will definitely help my relationship with my husband and is a top priority.  When I am down about my weight, my relationship is the first thing affected by my mood.  When I am consistently working out and eating healthier, my mood improves and so does my relationship.

It’s just the juggling of the time spent on each part of my life.

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Two Simple Things I Can Implement Now

Work out at lunch

I can eat at my desk and do my job.  I hate eating at my desk because sometimes I get so focused on work that I don’t leave my desk.  Everyone deserves a break and while it’s still nice outside I can head outdoors and get at least a 2.5 mile walk in on my lunch break.

I need to sign up for our gym here at work and go down at least 3 days a week. The good news is my team will be supportive of my efforts as long as I get my work done.

Workout on the weekends

I fail so much at this. I just make excuses and I don’t workout on the weekends as much as I should.

I can get in at least two workouts over the weekend at the gym.  I’m paying for it.  I should be using the facilities and getting my money’s worth.

I can take Rion for walks.  He enjoys looking at the trees and passing cars.  He won’t fall asleep in the stroller, but it’s good for the both of us to get outside.

I can set aside time on the weekends to do my workouts that won’t interfere with my family time.  This is a big reason why I don’t work out enough.  I think I am taking away time from my family to do something for myself.

But that’s not right.

I need to be healthy and happy for everyone.  Taking an hour or so for myself is a good thing for everyone and not a hindrance.

The Color Run - Happiest 5k Run

I’m going to start a personal series for myself to write every Friday about my goals, successes, and failures from the previous week.

I need to post more about my weight loss journey because it will hold me accountable.  I will not let setbacks ruin the entire journey.  I will take control and do better every day.


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