Fall Tree Activity For Toddlers

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fall tree activity for toddlers

I love using contact paper for more than just school books. Contact paper has helped us create a few neat toddler activities so far this year, and this easy fall tree activity for toddlers with contact paper needs just fabric leaves and brown paper for the tree trunk.

With fall coming up, I really get the urge to craft. Now that my son is a little older, I’ve been including him in my fall craft making time.

Fall Tree Activity For Toddlers

This is a super easy activity for toddlers but you’ll need a few things before you begin!

  • Contact Paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Fall Leaves – We used this pack of fake fabric leaves but feel free to gather the leaves from your yard or neighborhood for more fun! Additionally, go ahead and make your own paper leaves to stick to the contact paper!
  • Ripped Brown Construction Paper For The Trunk
  • Tape

Step One

Cut out a long piece of your contact paper. I went with a 36″ piece so my son could easily put the fabric leaves on his tree.

fall tree activity for toddlers


Step Two

Draw and cut!

Okay, if you’re not Picasso like me (ha, I make jokes), this may seem daunting but I promise it’ll be easy!

Start by creating the trunk. I used the lines on the contact paper to create the trunk with a sharpie. Then, I drew a big circle for the tree where we’ll fill in with our fall leaves. It looks, uh, funny, but it’ll look better once you and your toddler start putting the leaves on.

Once I had my outline, I cut along the lines I just drew and taped the tree sticky side out to our door. You can tape this to your wall, but I decided I wanted it up on our door for the season!

fall tree activity for toddlers

Step Three

I mixed the leaves and the construction paper pieces together on the floor for a little extra sensory activity for my son, but you can give them to your toddler separately if you choose.

We searched for the trunk pieces to create the trunk and I found my toddler enjoyed just picking out a piece and placing it where it needed to go! He also enjoyed throwing it ALL in the air and having the leaves come down on himself.

fall tree activity for toddlersfall tree activity for toddlersfall tree activity for toddlers fall tree activity for toddlers

Pro Tip: If you find the fabric leaves aren’t sticking, grab a hair dryer and blow dry the sticky side of your contact paper. I had to stick a few on with tape but heating up the sticky side of the contact paper will help.

Do you have any fun fall crafts that you’ve done with your toddler? Have you done a fall tree activity with your toddler? Share below!

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  1. I need to go buy some contact paper because I’ve come across a lot of great ways to create activities for my toddler to do using it! I love the idea of making a fall tree. When I was searching for fall inspired activities to do with my almost 2 year old daughter, this one was one of my favorites so I featured it in my recent blog post: https://www.nurturingfamilyandself.com/25-fun-and-easy-fall-crafts-for-toddlers/ Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to do this with my daughter! She will love putting the leaves on and taking them off over and over πŸ™‚

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