Essential First Food Every Mom Needs To Know About

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Essential First Food Every Mom Needs To Know About | Spit Up and Sit Ups

Feeding your baby their first foods is an exciting time but can also bring up loads of questions. What and when should your baby eat? When can a baby start food? Which foods should you start with?

When we were given the green light to feed our daughter JuJuBe foods I jumped right in to fruits and vegetables to see how she’d do.She loved it!

She’s gobbled every little bit of food up.

Once she turned six months I knew I needed to add a little more nutrients to her food intake. She has been doing so well with food, unlike her still picky older brother but that’s a story for a different day, that I recently added Gerber® Rice Cereal to her breakfast.

Jujube loves her rice cereal breakfast.

The First Food Every Mom Needs To Know About

Why Are We Doing Rice Cereal?

We did not start out using rice cereal but recently added it in to help JuJuBe meet her daily needs after she hit six months old. Single-grain infant cereals are an ideal first solid food to check for food sensitivities and help develop baby’s eating skills.

Gerber® Rice Cereal is complimentary to breastfeeding moms and is loaded with essential nutrients to help JuJuBe meet her development. It’s alsomade with no artificial colors or flavors.

Infant Cereal has many vitamins and nutrients, like Calcium, and vitamins C, B, and E to help with your baby’s development.

All About That Iron

Once your baby reaches six months old, you’ll want to start thinking about iron rich foods and Gerber® Cereal can provide 100% of your baby’s iron needs in just two servings a day.

After six months old, babies need more iron to help with their brain development. I was shocked to learn this because I had not started cereal until six months! We had introduced a fruit and a veggie but not infant cereal.

I’m now confident that my Jujube will have all of the iron and nutrients her brain needs going forward.

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How Should I Introduce Cereal To My Baby?

We used a little bit of breastmilk mixed in with cereal to get it to the right consistency. You may want the cereal to be more liquid when you’re first introducing solids to your baby. At seven months old, my daughter is eating her cereal with about an ounce of breastmilk and 2 teaspoons of apples or pears in the mornings.

I add in about two to three tablespoons of rice cereal to her desired consistency and she eats every last bit of it.

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When did you start giving your baby cereal? 

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