Ergobaby Review: My Love Affair with the Ergobaby Carrier

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I’ve been babywearing for close to two years and have finally decided to do an Ergobaby review.

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That’s right, I babywear my nearly two year old son every single day as I take him to day care.

Babywearing has really made my life a lot easier. Between being able to nurse while babywearing to just being hands free, life changed when I discovered the world of wraps and carriers.

I own two Ergobaby items and love both equally. One item, a stretchy wrap, is unfortunately no longer available. Our other carrier – the Organic Baby Carrier – is our go-to for most situations. It’s easy to use and comfortable for both my husband and me.

How I Started Babywearing

ergobaby review, ergobaby carrier review, which carrier should i buy, best baby carrier, babywearing for new moms, how to babywear
The joy on this new mom’s face when she regains the use of both of her arms back.

I found an Ergobaby stretchy wrap on sale at Target when I was pregnant and decided to go for it. I figured it was a good price and I’d probably eventually use it.

Fast forward to six weeks postpartum. I’m nursing non-stop, I can’t get anything accomplished, and my son was on me 90% of the day. That 10% being the time I tried to put him down and failing miserably at that.

But I digress.

I remembered the wrap I purchased months before and decided to break it out. Ri was finally the weight he needed to be to use the wrap. I put my son down as he cried, and figured out as fast as I could how to properly wrap him in this stretchy wrap.

It worked. 

I had been so nervous about my son crying for two minutes as I figured out the wrap and it was over in a flash and we both won. I had both of my arms back and could move around. He was on me.

This started my babywearing love affair and I now own a carrier for every day of the week. My second purchase was the Ergobaby Organic carrier so my husband could get in on the action.

Ergobaby Review: Organic Baby Carrier


The Ergobaby Organic carrier can look a little daunting with the straps and the buckles, but I assure you it’s so easy to use.

I kind of think that about all babywearing – some shy from it because they’re just not sure what they are supposed to do or how to get started. It’s so easy with Ergobaby. There are even wonderful tutorial videos on their website to show you how.

Everything is adjustable so you are wearing baby comfortably. Yes, baby will be comfortable, but you deserve to be comfortable too. We loved that we were able to adjust on the fly depending on who would be wearing Ri.

We were able to take turns babywearing if we were spending a long time outdoors. This was needed in the summer for my husband who would get warm while babywearing. They both needed a break from sweating on each other.

We were also able to either fold it up to take anywhere or (even better) wrap it up and clip it to our backpack diaper bag. Brilliant.

Ri lived in the carrier outside of our apartment. He spent more time in the Ergobaby carrier than he did in any stroller.  This is still true to this day. He loves to be worn.


I was also able to breastfeed in public but remain covered with my Ergobaby carrier. I was never one to cover up for various reasons, but I did feel like Super Woman as I walked throughout a museum while my son nursed.  This was amazing because I didn’t have to pause, sit, and hang out waiting for my son to finish nursing. We could keep going. Everyone who’s ever nursed knows that you can’t rush a nursing session. It could be three minutes or three hours. You’re not the boss of that.


It’s definitely easy to clean.

Here’s how I know this.

We were at an air show and Ri fell asleep in the carrier. I was hungry and my husband bought me the messiest cheesiest sandwich. Using the hood, I covered Ri’s face and did my best to eat while standing with my head tilted to the side.  Needless to say, cheese was everywhere and our precious carrier needed a wash. It came out like new!

Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier Positivesergobaby review, ergobaby carrier review, which carrier should i buy, best baby carrier, babywearing for new moms, how to babywear, dads who babywear

  • Easy to use and easy to switch back and forth from person to person with a little adjusting
  • Buckle closure!
  • I was able to breastfeed with ease in the carrier.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The hood is perfect for providing a cover while breastfeeding and shade for the little one.
  • Comfortable when adjusted correctly

Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier Cons

  • My one biggest con would be that you can’t use it forward facing, but that’s what the Ergobaby 360 is for.
  • One con from my husband would be that he gets too warm carrying our son.  They both run hot so during the summer he doesn’t enjoy babywearing.
  • I could never quite figure out back carrying without the help of someone else, typically my husband. He couldn’t get the back carry down without my help either. Kudos to you if you can. If you’re one of those who can, please share your magic with us.

Ergobaby Review: Manufacturer Features

  • Material: Body – 100% Organic Cotton, Lining: 100% Organic Cotton Sateen (Oeko-Tex Certified)
  • Weight: 1.6lbs
  • Baby Weight: 7lbs-45lbs (Can use Infant Insert for better fit)
  • Shoulder Strap Length: 24″-44″
  • Waist Belt Circumference Range: 26″-55″
  • Hood Storage Pocket
  • Zipper Storage Pocket
  • Hood is 50+ SPF
  • Machine Washable

Do you babywear? What carriers are your go-to?

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ergobaby review, ergobaby carrier review, which carrier should i buy, best baby carrier, babywearing for new moms, how to babywear, dads who babywear

ergobaby review, ergobaby carrier review, which carrier should i buy, best baby carrier, babywearing for new moms, how to babywear, dads who babywear

18 thoughts on “Ergobaby Review: My Love Affair with the Ergobaby Carrier”

  1. I had an Ergo with my first son, but I thought it was really uncomfortable. I ended up finding several other carriers that worked much better for us. With my youngest, I learned how to wrap with wovens, which is more time consuming, but really comfy!

  2. As soon as my baby boy was big enough for a SSC, we upgraded to the Boba 4G. I love that thing beyond measure. Totally couldn’t have survived the second baby without it. And YES! Nursing on the go in a theme park is awesome!

  3. I wish I would have had one of these carriers when my first was little. I tried a different one, and it just was uncomfortable, so I just carried him most of the time. I really didn’t realize there would be a difference with a different brand. Great reviews!

  4. I had his same carrier with my first born and I loved! Probably because she was super tiny & easy to carry. Once she grew out of it, I gave it to my cousin as on of her baby gifts and she loved it.

  5. I, too, am an Ergo fan 🙂 I got the original (secondhand) and I used it to death! I also bought a second one for my husband to use. So many times I would have been lost without my carrier! And nown, with baby 2 on the way, I’m excited to put it back on 🙂
    PS- I have the carry-on-the-back magic 🙂 without assistance! But it would probably take a video to explain …

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