DIY Daniel Tiger and Margaret Tiger Costumes

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Do you love Daniel Tiger? Check out how we’re doing our own DIY Daniel Tiger Costume, Margaret Tiger Costume and a DIY Trolley using our stroller and cardboard! 

We love Daniel Tiger! I get a LOT of my parenting advice from Daniel Tiger and try to incorporate a bunch of the songs for everyone’s benefit. Singing the little jingles helps me not react in a bad way and it helps my son OP recognize the situation.

In November 2017 we welcome our baby girl J and we watched the addition of Margaret Tiger to the Tiger family episodes over and over to prepare OP. We’ve watched a lot of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood over the past few years so it’s no wonder that OP picked Daniel Tiger as this year’s Halloween costume.

Check out how we created our DIY Tiger Family costumes!

This post contains affiliate links. 

DIY Daniel Tiger Costume

If you haven’t heard of Primary you’re missing out! It’s super cute clothing available in so many different colors. No words, no characters, just cute clothes.

Primary was my first stop for my DIY Daniel Tiger Costume. I knew Primary was top quality and had a variety of colors.

For the DIY Daniel Tiger costume we used:

Primary Cherry Hoodie
Buy From Primary
Primary Tangerine Leggings
Buy from Primary

In addition to this I purchased brown felt and fabric tape to tape on the brown felt stripes. You can use red shoes just like Daniel and add a watch!

Daniel Tiger and Margaret Tiger costumes

DIY Margaret Tiger Costume

Primary is perfect for the DIY Margaret Tiger Costume! This is what we used from Primary for the Margaret Tiger Costume:

Primary Yellow Dress Sunshine
Buy from Primary
Pink Baby Cardi Primary
Buy from Primary

Add adorable purple Mary Jane shoes with a white flower and ruffle socks to get the full Margaret Tiger look! Because it's chilly here for Halloween, we used ivory tights! For Margaret Tiger's ears, I cut an old bow up and hot glued a small yellow felt circle in the middle!

DIY Trolley from Daniel Tiger

We've done an elaborate costume before but this year we're scaling it back a little bit and doing our DIY Trolley out of cardboard. It's still amazing and something you can put together the week of Halloween.

You'll need to use a box cutter on a large box and cut out the panels. On the side with no writing, draw and cut out the trolley openings with the box cutter. I painted first, but you can paint after. I then painted a bottom panel completely yellow and cut out 8 strips for the sides of the trolley openings.

We used our double stroller but you can build on what you have. A wagon would be perfect for it too!

So there you have it! How to make your own DIY Daniel Tiger and Margaret Tiger costumes! What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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