Crockpot Apple Butter [No Sugar + 0SP]

This delicious crockpot apple butter is completely sugar free! It’s perfect for fall and easy to make! Like a lot of families, we recently went to the farm for a fun afternoon of apple picking. Twenty pounds of apples later, we spend the car ride thinking of all the apple treats we would be making. […]

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Healthy Eating Tips During the Holidays

You can and should enjoy yourself while celebrating with family. Here are my healthy eating tips during the holidays so you can stay on track with your plan. The holidays are upon us and that means gathering with our family and celebrating together. You can stay on track without overindulging! You can eat anything in

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Christmas Minimalist Printables

Let’s get ready for the holidays with printable wall art from the Spit Up and Sit Ups shop! Here are my favorite Christmas Minimalist Printables! I am definitely in the holiday mood! So much that I’ve created a bunch of gorgeous minimalist printable wall art for you to shop! Here’s my top sellers in Christmas

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Best Thomas The Train Toys For Toddlers

Is your kid absolutely obsessed with Thomas & Friends? Are are the BEST Thomas the Train Toys for Toddlers this holiday season! Updated 11/3/2019 My two year old is absolutely obsessed with Thomas the Train.  You can’t look anywhere without seeing either a blue train or some kind of track. Seriously. It’s taken over. Did

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