Bumps and Bruises

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Bubs fell head first into a wall.


I was folding laundry, and he was toddling around as he usually does.  He’s been going much faster, tripped, and flew head first into the wall.  He was fairly close, so his head bumped, rubbed, and neck bent backwards.

Instant tears.

I don’t know if he was scared or actually hurt. I calmed him by nursing him, and he cried as he nursed.  I felt awful.  I should say I still feel awful.

Within 15 minutes, he was his regular ol’ self.  He started playing with his Alphabet Train.  I kept looking for signs of something worse, but there wasn’t anything worse than a bump.


As I was looking for signs of something more sinister to make me feel worse as a parent, it became more obvious that Bubs was fine.  He did rub his little bruise and I imagine he had a headache.  He did become very cranky, so I gave him a dose of Advil before bed assuming his head hurt.

This isn’t his first fall, it probably won’t be his last.  He’ll hurt himself much worse at some point, yet this kept me up last night replaying him hitting his head on my watch.  This is why Bubble Boy’s mom kept him in a bubble.  And why Bubs’s mom will do the same.

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