Bottle Feeding A Breastfed Baby

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Bottle Feeding A Breastfed Baby | Spit Up and Sit Ups

Whether you’re returning to work, will be away from your baby for some time, or just would like someone else to feed the baby, bottle feeding a breastfed baby doesn’t have to be stressful.

There are many different reasons for introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby, whether it’s supplementing, personal, or you’re an exclusive pumper.

When To Introduce A Bottle To Your Breastfed Baby

We introduced our children early to the Philips Avent Natural bottle. There’s no “right time” to introduce the bottle to your breastfed baby, but, and maybe I’m controversial on this one; I believe in the sooner the better.

It’s important to choose a bottle that mimics the breast to avoid potential nipple confusion and to go back and forth with ease.

We chose the Philips Avent Natural bottles for a few reasons:

  • Nipple Flow Rates – Did you know a slower nipple is best for your breastfed baby? Well, we made the mistake of feeding our son with a nipple that was too fast. We’re so glad we went with the Philips Avent Natural bottles and the availability of the First Flow nipple.
  • Natural Nipple Compares To The Breast – This is so important when bottle feeding a breastfed baby! My son was able to and now my daughter is able to go back and forth between breast and bottle without a worry for me.
  • Anti-colic Nipple Design – Helps prevent gas in your baby’s belly and colic.

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby | Spit Up and Sit Ups

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby | Spit Up and Sit Ups

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby | Spit Up and Sit Ups

With my son, we had to supplement for the first month. We had only purchased Philips Avent Natural bottles for him to use and I firmly believe that because we introduced him to the bottle early we had an easier time when I went back to work when he was 11 weeks old.

My daughter who is now three months old has been taking the new Philips Avent Natural bottle – which launched earlier this year – since she was three weeks old. We introduced one bottle daily. I pump while my husband feeds her so we have milk for the next day.

Slow Flow Nipple

As I mentioned previously, choosing the Philips Avent Natural First Flow nipple helped our children adjust to bottle-feeding much better. You don’t want to fill baby’s tummies too fast. You want to mimic breastfeeding!

Paced Feeding

Paced bottle-feeding is a great way to bottle feed your breastfed baby.

With paced feeding, you’ll follow your baby’s hunger cues, rather than a set schedule. Like with breastfeeding, you’ll feed on demand.

Encourage frequent pauses while feeding your baby thus allowing your child to set the pace of the feeding. During a pause, burp your baby or just sit the bottle nipple on their lips. Switch sides during a feeding as you would during a breastfeeding session.

>Be sure to feed your baby in an upright or seated position and hold the bottle horizontally. Don’t force the nipple in your baby’s mouth but rather encourage your baby to latch on.

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby | Spit Up and Sit Ups

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t finish an entire bottle! To avoid waste, heat up smaller amounts of breast milk for a feeding.

Have Someone Else Feed the Baby

Someone else bottle feeding your baby will help tremendously when leaving your baby. This allows your child to get used to food coming from another source!

Dealing with Bottle Refusal

I’ve heard of reverse cycling – refusing to eat from the bottle and a baby eats all night to get their calories to eat with mom. Here are a few tips to avoid bottle refusal before you leave your baby.

  • Leave the room and, as previously mentioned, have someone else bottle-feed your baby.
  • Nurse your baby until they are sleepy and attempt a bottle.
  • Offer a bottle before your baby is too hungry.
  • Try walking, singing, or rocking while feeding your baby from a bottle.
  • Stay calm! It could take awhile of repeated exposure before your baby successfully eats from a bottle.

For more information on Philips Avent bottles check out the following links:

Have you used the Philips Avent Natural bottles? Share your experiences and tips below with bottle-feeding your breastfed baby!

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