Best Toys For Toddlers 2-3 Years Old

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The Best Toys for 2-3 Year Olds | Spit Up And Sit Ups

Is it almost that time of year? The time where we’re all searching for the best toys to get our kids?

Just me?

With our second due in November, I’m getting into shopping mode way ahead of the curve now. Like, way ahead of the curve. Bought and wrapped well before she arrives. Possibly even get the house decorated.

Here I have a mix of electronic items as well as non-battery operated toys at different price points. I really like encouraging my son’s creativity by using non-electric toys. These toys are also non-gender specific. With both a boy and a girl, I need to stretch these toys out for quite a few years.

Best Toys For Toddlers Under $25

Puzzlesthe best toys for toddlers 2-3 years old

We love puzzles! Okay, I love puzzles. No noise and I’m able to sit and actively engage with my toddler. He loves the one-on-one time with me and I love that he’s learning. Puzzles are a great inexpensive gift for any kid. I love the Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles, but I’ll be getting my two year old a larger floor puzzle like this one.

T-Ball Set

My husband loves baseball and this T-Ball set has been a fun addition to our toy rotation. My two year old doesn’t quite understand how to hit, but he really does try!

Musical Instrument Set

Recently, my two and a half year old has really been into music. Whether it’s playing through his little radio or making the sounds himself, this Christmas he’ll be getting this set.

I’ll be getting Advil in my stocking.

I wanted an instrument set that was more like the real thing as opposed to some of the other sets out there. I played trumpet, guitar, and violin so I’ve been really excited to share that love of making music with my boy.

Coloring Book and Markers

Don’t freak out.

Crayola has made these Color Wonder markers with different coloring books and plain paper so your walls and couches stay safe.

Coloring is one of our favorite activities. It’s a really great and cheap gift for kids that can keep them occupied while mom gets dinner done.


My son has really turned the corner on books and he now brings me his favorite books to read. You can find my holiday book picks here and my favorite picks we still go to here.

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My son loves loves loves his block set. From Mega Bloks to his wooden building blocks, we’re always building houses, bridges, color roads for his toy cars and trains, and tunnels.

Doctor Kit

A doctor kit is a great way to encourage imagination and teach your toddlers about caring for another person. A note to my son: Stop using the bandaids all over the place.

Dress Up Clothes

A fantastic way to get some cheaper dress up clothes is to shop the clearance section immediately after Halloween. These costumes will make a great gift for the holidays for your kids plus you save money.

Best Toys For Toddlers Under $75

Cleaning Play Set

I’ve come to realize my son likes doing the exact same thing I do. Why not get him his own cleaning set? I really love this set by Melissa and Doug. Perfect size for my two and a half year old plus there are really great reviews. You’re unable to use the mop but the other items are usable making this a great gift. You can also go with this that includes both the sweeping set plus supplies!

I also have this in the under $75 section but with the deals coming out this holiday season I bet you’d be able to find it for roughly $25!


Bike/TrikeThe best toys for toddlers 2-3 years old

We have the 4 in 1, but the regular Radio Flyer Tricycle is a perfect gift for a two and a half year old. My son is finally understanding how to pedal and by next summer he’ll be ready to go.

I need to start getting in running shape to keep up…

Train Set

Anyone else have a train obsessed kid?

My son absolutely loves Thomas the Train and has been really into any wooden train we can find. We got him this track last year and this year he’s able to build his own connected track as well as play with the trains and make up little scenarios in his mind.

The best part?

It’s compatible with his wooden Thomas trains.


Okay, back to Thomas for a second. This Thomas tent is my son’s favorite little spot. He’ll eat, read, and just hang out inside this tent to the point where I have to check on him because we all know silence can be a scary thing.

Tents can run you a pretty penny but you should be able to get one that’s perfect for your budget.

Check out my other top Thomas the Train picks that have completely taken over our lives here!

Kitchenthe best toys for toddlers 2-3 years old

This kitchen is my toddler’s big gift this year.

I’m not the cook in our family. My husband’s schedule works better for it and he’s a bit more imaginative in the kitchen. I can bake a mean cake though.

I typically don’t get home from work until dinner is about halfway cooked. My son has been watching my husband cook for most of his life! When he was younger and I went back to work, he’d sit in the kitchen and either do tummy time or sit in jumper. He’s older now and becoming more independent which means he wants to be involved in the whole process.

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

We love this activity desk! We got it last year for Christmas and he hasn’t really been into it until recently. It has everything. From letters and numbers to body parts and foods, it’s been a great help with my son’s language development.

There’s also a music setting! I mentioned earlier my son has been into music. He’ll turn the desk to music mode, hit play, and hang out and listen to the tunes. Like a teenager.

Magna Tiles

These never crossed my mind until we saw some at a museum that my son really took to. And by took to I mean we spent an hour in front of the magna tiles before having to leave. These are definitely going under the tree this year.

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What are some toys on your toddlers wish list this year? Do you have a fun holiday tradition with gift giving?


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