Best Thomas The Train Toys For Toddlers

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Is your kid absolutely obsessed with Thomas & Friends? Are are the BEST Thomas the Train Toys for Toddlers this holiday season!

Updated 11/3/2019

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

My two year old is absolutely obsessed with Thomas the Train.  You can’t look anywhere without seeing either a blue train or some kind of track. Seriously. It’s taken over.

Did you also know there’s Thomas the Train everything available on the market? I’ve never seen so much of one character. Thomas sheets? You got it, even in full size. Thomas potty? Check. Thomas Pull-Ups and underwear to go with it too.

Thomas the Train was one of the first character shirts I purchased. At first I was like “Oh, he’ll like this,” but I underestimated just how much he actually would like it. He couldn’t wait to put it on. It made getting dressed so much easier in the mornings because he loved his character shirt.

One thing I truly love about Thomas is that play time really encourages imagination.

I’ve put together a list of our favorite Thomas the Train toys for our two year old as well as a few additional things I’ve added to our wish list!

The Best Thomas The Train Toys For Toddlers

Thomas the Train Super Station

Thomas & Friends Super Station at Walmart

This Thomas &Friends Super Station is AMAZING! It works with all different types of tracks and is the ULTIMATE Thomas gift. Check out my review HERE!

Thomas The Train Mega Bloks

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

Our two year old loves his regular Mega Bloks and we were super excited when we found that, of course, there are also Thomas themed sets!

We purchased this Thomas Mega Bloks set and it’s only of my son’s favorite toys. We even combine the wooden railway with the Mega Bloks set to create a tunnel!

Thomas The Train Pillow Pal

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

Hello, sleep.

This Thomas The Train pillow pal is a bit large, but my son loves to fall asleep with it. We gave this to my son for Valentine’s Day but really it was a gift for me. Bed time has always been exhausting for me and I decided since Thomas has basically taken over our lives I might as well invite him to bed time.

I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

Thomas The Train Tent

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

If my son sees his Thomas the Train tent, he has to immediately be in it. He’ll usually grab a snack and water and head into the tent for a little quiet time for me. He’ll read his books, take a few wooden trains in, and hang out in the tent.

He sometimes wants me to head in there with him and it’s a bit tight for the both of us but we can fit!

Thomas The Train Trike

We love his little Thomas The Train Trike. Okay, I’m usually pushing him in it, but he really does enjoy it! And one day he’ll be pedaling on his own off to college with his railway and tent.

Thomas The Train Bath Toys

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

My son went through a really bad phase where bath time was hell for both of us.

Hell is a nice way to put it.

We went ahead and bought this bath toy as well as this little Thomas boat to help us through.  He gets so excited when we mention bath time and throws his toys in the tub.

Thomas The Train Toothbrush

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

When it came time to start brushing teeth, we just bought a regular toothbrush and fought with our son to brush. I mean, fought. Held him down. It wasn’t a fun time.

Again, we turned to our good friend Thomas the Train.

He’s an incredibly useful engine and there’s been less confusion and delay for us in the mornings and before bed time.

We purchased this toothbrush to really start creating that routine in the mornings and nights and my two year old loves it.

Thomas The Train Sheet Set

Where are my bed sharing mamas at?

Go ahead and save your judgment, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Now that we’re having our second child later this year, it’s time for my two year old to move into his own bed. And who’s the most helpful useful engine around?


We bought these Thomas the Train sheets and he absolutely loves laying on the sheets! While we’re not quite there yet with moving my son into his own bed in his own room, I feel like we’re on our way.

Our Thomas The Train Wish List

The Thomas the Train items below are the things we find really awesome, would love, but do not currently own.  We are limited on space, but if we didn’t have a lack of space we’d probably get these for Christmas!

Thomas The Train With Track

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers


This is amazing.

It’s a ride on Thomas with a circle track. It’s cool. This is totally something my son would absolutely love. We’d have to get rid of our dining room table to make room for it so it’s not in the cards for us right now.

But it’s awesome.

If you don’t want the track, you can go with this Power Wheels Thomas.

Thomas The Train Coaster

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

Another really awesome toy.

It’s a coaster! A ride on Thomas coaster!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to try it but I’m sure no moms allowed on this one.

Thomas The Train RC

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

the best thomas the train toys for toddlers

We have one small RC Car, but it’s not Thomas. My son really likes it, but I mean, he’s obsessed with Thomas and mom needs one to race the other car. Right?

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We are absolutely Thomas crazed in our house. My two year old loves imagining he’s on the Island of Sodor with these Thomas toys. These Thomas the Train toys make a great gift for any toddler.

Another fun perk of the Thomas the Train toys? You can definitely find many items that don’t require batteries. We’re teaching our son language and we don’t have those electronic toys to fill the room with sounds. We do that ourselves!

Is your son or daughter Thomas the Train obsessed? What are some of the best Thomas the Train toys you have for your toddler?

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  1. This list is awesome, I love the explanations with each item. My two year old is also Thomas obsessed. I’ve spent days looking for Christmas gifts, scrolling through pages, these parent experiences and suggestions are going to make Thomas Christmas shopping so much easier!

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