The Best Gifts For New Parents

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The Best Gifts for New Parents | Spit Up And Sit Ups

The baby market is full of so many items baby needs that we can sometimes forget about mom and dad. Sure, a swing can make mom’s life easier but what about dinner? Are you really getting the best gifts for the new parents in your life?

This list isn’t going to be chock full of baby products.

One of the biggest issues new parents face is finding the time to do every little thing that needs to be done around the house on top of taking care of a family and possibly working full time. This gift list will also work for a second time parent or more. These are gifts that any parent to a newborn needs and wants.

Here are the most useful and best gifts for new parents!

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Best Gifts For New Parents

For Mom – Postpartum Gift Basket

Ah, the glamorous postpartum life.

Or not so glamorous.

Postpartum life is no joke.

I love the idea of a reusable basket. I would fill my basket up in the morning and take it with me wherever I chose to get comfortable that day. Β After filling it with my “one handed snacks,” water, remotes, medicines and books, I felt prepared for whatever life and my newborn would throw at me.

Here are a few items you can include in a Postpartum Gift Basket.

If the new mom is breastfeeding, you can also add in nursing pads and Lanolin cream.

For Dad – Postpartum Bag

Don’t forget Dads!

Here are a few things that helped my husband when we welcomed our son. For this bag, pick up a cool backpack diaper bag for Dad when he and baby venture out. We personally used the backpack diaper bag and still do! I love it. It fits everything we need and isn’t bulky. To be honest, when I would babywear my son, it felt nice to be evened out as opposed to having a shoulder bag constantly slip.

Here are some items you can include in Dad’s Postpartum Bag.

  • The Happiest Baby On The Block – This also has an app!
  • Snacks
  • Yeti Cup – just like for mom! Dad deserves for his drinks to stay warm and cold too.
  • Coffee (If a coffee drinker!) or coffee gift card

Now, you may be like why did she choose that specific book?

My husband never really liked those other books geared towards dads. He found the titles alone to be kind of insulting and never would open one. The Happiest Baby on the Block lets both mom and dad into what could be going on with their newborn. It’s full of tips, advice, and is not condescending.

I downloaded the app for the book and was absolutely amazed at how spot on it was for us during those first few months.


Whether it’s in the form of a gift card to GrubHub or signing the new family up for a month’s worth of Blue Apron, food is always a much appreciated gift for new parents.

One of the best gifts we ever received was a meal that all we had to do was bake. No chopping, no shopping for ingredients. My friend had done the hard stuff.

A couple ideas would be creating a meal plan and purchasing the ingredients to be delivered to the new family’s house or giving them a gift card to a local restaurant for delivery.


You can accomplish this great gift in one of two ways: handling the cleaning yourself or hiring a helpful cleaning service for the new parents.

I have zero time or energy to clean after work and dinner. I just don’t. Everything gets done one morning over the weekend between my husband and I.

A cleaning service, especially when my son was first born, would have been lovely. I had no energy and my recovery from my c-section took much longer than I had ever anticipated. Dishes piled up and I couldn’t tell you when the last time I vacuumed was!

I was so happy that my mom was able to come down often to help us. She would take care of laundry and dishes so I could take care of myself and my son.


Babysitting as a gift absolutely depends on the comfort level of the new parents but it can be incredibly helpful. Personally, it was hard for me to get away for awhile as I learned how to breastfeed. I also felt like I didn’t need to be away from my son.

As he got older, it’s been much easier to leave him with a relative or a babysitter.

Offer an hour here or an hour there to the new parents. It doesn’t have to be long. Maybe mom would love to go get a hair cut or get her nails done. Maybe she just wants to head to Target alone. Or maybe she just wants to take a bath and browse social media.

It’s important that new parents also get time for themselves.

An Ear For Listening

Just when you think you have you have this parenting thing figured out, there’s a sleep regression or food refusal or just something to throw you out of whack.

Welcome to parenthood.

Whatever is ailing the new parent, be the person they can depend on to listen and to tell them how well they’re doing. If the new parent asks for advice, I like to offer what worked for us and offer an educational website they can visit.

I also make sure to keep reiterating “You’ll figure out what works for you.”

I don’t think we tell moms and dads how great they’re doing when they welcome a newborn. No new parent has any idea what to do. It is my hope through listening to another’s issues I am able to offer one small thing that might help them out in any way.

Welcoming a new baby, whether it’s a first baby or the seventh, can be incredibly difficult. With these ideas, you’re sure to make their lives a little bit easier even if only for a night.

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What are some of the best gifts you received when you welcomed your baby? Do you have any additional gifts you’d add to the list of best new gifts for parents?

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