Beginner Arms & Abs Workout [ With Video]

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Here is my beginner arms & abs workout, video included! Grab your equipment or give it a go without! Ready? Let’s sweat!

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Let’s strengthen our arms and tone our abs with this great beginner workout! These 4 circuits can be done in just about 25 minutes, using hand weights and a resistance band OR you can just use your body weight!

This is a great beginner workout that targets two areas! If you don’t have hand weights or a resistance band OR if you just don’t think you’re ready for either, you can do the moves without equipment.

Check out my beginner arms & abs workout sure to work your muscles and give you a full workout in about 25 minutes!


Equipment You’ll Need for this Beginner Arm & Abs Workout

You can choose not to use either (which is fine!) or grab soup cans or bottles of water as your hand weights.

Beginner Arms & Abs Workout Video

Circuit One

Here’s Circuit One! Do 3 laps.

  • Seated Row with Resistance Band – 10 Reps
  • Ab Bikes – 10 Reps Per
  • Side Side Plank – 20 Seconds Per Side
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Circuit Two

Ready for circuit two?! Do 3 laps of the exercises below!

  • Shoulder Press with Dumbbells or Cans – 10 Reps
  • Tricep Kickbacks – 10 Reps
  • Bicep Curl with Static Lunge – 10 Per Side


Circuits Three and Four

Repeat both circuits for a total of 4 circuits! About a 25 minute workout, including rest time! If you are running low on time, try to do the first two circuits and save the second half for later.

Did you do my arms and abs workout? Tell me in the comments or tag me on Instagram @spitupandsitups with a sweaty selfie!

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