Baby’s First Haircut

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We had been putting off getting Rion’s hair cut for the first time for a few weeks. We just kept backing out of it. Finally, I was all in but John couldn’t handle cutting our sweet boy’s hair until after he was looking at some photos and decided we should.

Before The Haircut

His hair wasn’t bad. It just would get too wild and he looked like your crazy old neighbor in the morning. The back was starting to resemble a mullet, so if we didn’t go to a salon to do it I was probably going to end up making the cut myself.

I did a little research about where to go and decided on a place called Cartoon Cuts at a mall near us.  It wasn’t too far of a drive and the place had TVs, toys, and anything a toddler could possibly want during their short haircut.

It was a rainy Saturday so we decided to just head on over and get a new look.

I read before the haircut you’ll want to make sure of the following: 

  1. He’s not ready for a nap
  2. He’s not hungry
  3. Bring toys

Our Experience 

Ri fell asleep in the car on the way over, so we patiently waited for him to wake up.  Once he finally did, we soon realized he probably needed a longer nap before attempting the hair cut.

In we went anyway.

Our stylist was sweet and gave Rion a remote toy and switched the TV to Paw Patrol.  We’ve never watched Paw Patrol, but he stares at Chopped like it’s the best thing on TV so this was going to be pretty much the same.

He put on his little cape and the stylist went to work. Ri kept moving his head away from her as she was cutting! He had a look of disgust on his face for most of it and by the end of the 10 minute cut was over it.

Poor kid!

He just didn’t want to be there. He didn’t throw a tantrum, just tried moving his head away from her during the entire cut.

The experience came with a lock of Ri’s hair and a certificate. My sweet baby’s curls!

Baby's First Haircut, Cartoon Cuts, Haircut Certificate

After the Haircut

Now begins the fun part – styling.

His hair cut is pretty tame so I won’t be able to do much to it.  I guess that’s the good thing about boy’s hair – get one style and keep it.

I tried doing the mohawk, but I don’t think Ri is a fan of the hair gel in his hair.  I end up just smoothing it out and laying it flat.

I also can’t get him to stay still to take a photo of his new cut.

Toddler life, man.

How did your child’s first hair cut go?


5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Haircut”

  1. Excellent tips!! My boy is 18 months old, and we’re still putting off his first haircut, haha! But, he is definitely beginning to resemble the mullet look, and I really considered taking him in for a haircut the other day after he woke up with a HUGE knot in his hair.

    This is an AWESOME list, and I’m glad your guy did so well with his first cut <3 Thanks for sharing!

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